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created on 09/27/2011  |

 I woke up this morning and had to run a couple errands, and finally when I got home I had to go to the transportation department for a bus aide position. Took the kids to McDonalds. Its like crack to them. Got home and it has been cooking and cleaning; which it seems no matter how much I clean it is always messy again like ten minutes later. The wonders of parenthood; and the solemn downs of being a single parent. Cooked a smoked salmon, and penne pasta, and pintos. I decided not to eat, mostly because I drank jaager and didnt feel hungry. However, when I woke from sleeping for a couple hours, I ate the pasta. SMH. Thought I would be able to lay back down and go to sleep, but my son had an accident o.O ! So I am up watching TiVo'd episodes of intetvention.

So yesterday I decided to get out of my funk and give a guy a chance. I went on a date, its been seven months. He picked me up and we took the kids to McDonalds. We seemed to be enjoying each others company, and he was hilarious. A quality I look for, even cute. We ended up going to eat at Pueblo's and even though the kids were, well, kids. I enjoyed myself, and we even chilled after he dropped me off. Everything seemed great, even ended up making out a little. :) After settling the kids down we texted and he wanted some pics, naughty pics. But after he claimed we are too different, I am cute but not his type. So here are my thoughts, did it take you making out and seeing what I look like naked to realize we are too different. I get the feeling I am ugly, but I really do not care. Just makes me wanna not date again.

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