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You want to say I was crying like you did when you whind and hid under a new name nope I dont do that I have brains if I aint gonna finish this I wont start a new account like you had to do because everyone on here hated a lying back stabbing bastard liek you and would never level your lame ass. You whine and cry you gonna leave yet you never did you whined they were mean cause yah downrate downraters then say yah gonna be a bad ass on here yet yah never were not even close.. You hit and run you go comment badly and downrate and block yet cry I just blocked another useless person on this program oh well get over it I woulda if there was something to get over but sorry ALEX yah aint even shit on my shoes as far as I'm concerned. You admit you are useless you admit that nobody likes you and you know you live a small sad life and will eventually die alone because like you even said your wife dont like you. Cant say I blame her there but if she willing to deal with it so be it. Like I told yah your useless ass wont get me to close my account I havent been here for weeks because you proved the liarts you guys are then backstabbing one person with Savannahs pic on pigs while sitting back talking to her for help on your leveling well hate to tell yah any time her pig ass left a bunch of comments it wasnt cause she likes yah it's because she has imacro do it for her. I know I gave her the program and I sure hope the bouncers you run and cry to about the truth being told read this in full and then go look and Apply in Persons folders look at the contest for Savannah and see all them ppl that viewed and left comments were all from the same IP even most the verified ones because ppl leave and she begs for their account. Oh well no friends lost here but then I never expected to make any online on a stab yah in the back site anyway. The friends that matter will still be talked to in pager and on phone yes I said phone because most ppl we know and talk to on the phone aint married to and asshole like you Alex so we have no need to try to call your wife to deal with your stupid ass crying because Morbid told you no or some other slut said no to you. oh well Enjoy your useless life and sorry to your kids for having such a loser as a so called father figure. Guess thats why they say the world is getting worse when you to busy online with the hos instead of with your kids but I guess some ppl arent like most of us that put real life ahead of the hooker online and iof she will flash yah some tit.
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