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Miss Stang's blog: "Life According To ~Stang"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-according-to-stang/b945  |  3 followers
I am again convinced that some people have more nerve than sense. You may have to excuse my rant and when I'm finished with this blog...I'm finished with the situation.... NE Wayze...I'm sleepin last night right? *Zzzz*....lol...I wake up this morning and I find out that supposedly I've been creating fake accounts to rate myself up...(a real insult to those of you who have dropped in and rated my profile, I'm sorry about that) AND I have multiple people logging into my account. Let me begin by saying this.....I wish I had the time it takes to sit home all fuckin day, create and account, rate myself and delete it, hell that sounds like shampoo directions: Create, Rate, Repeat, Delete and Repeat if necessary....LOL. Sooo...to that rumor..Pfffffft!!! Next...I do not have tons of people to log into my account, IF the person who opened HIS pie hole and said that really knew me or had asked anyone who really knows me....he'd have known better but apparently it's much more fun and lots more drama to speak with ignorant tongue than to take the time to find out what's real or not. Hmm or he HE just creating drama at my expense to keep his own ranking up? Either way...he shoulda checked before opening his mouth...soooo no, I don't have tons of folks in my account. Since I'm ranting..I'll have to say that I was really disappointed to hear that these things were said by someone I've never had beef with, have spoken with on the phone and have been nothing but nice to. That sucks ass... People in glass houses should not throw stones as he did not acheive his rankings based on his own merit. HE faked being female to get his, I worked my ass off for mine.... In closing..I still have NO beef with him, I will NOT get into any kind of bulletin bullshit drama simply because I don't have to. I feel no differently about him as I did yesterday, I just wish he'd taken the time to find out if his misintelligence is accurate or not..... On a positive note...thank you to all my friends who are helping to improve my ratings and rankings. All of you are appreciated For my haters....keep hatin, that way I know I'm on your mind......Mwah!
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