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Okay so i want an honest answer , do i have a tattoo on my forehead that says INSECURE LOSERS PLEASE APPLY HERE?!? Theres a guy ..Daniel is his name *hah i know hes gonna read this and frankly i DGAF! Hes 37 , with an adult child and 2 younger teenagers ... We've seen eachother on a few different sites , and he found me on here , we talked .. seemed to hit it off .. after about a week of talking we met in person . I went to his place because he doesn't have a vehicle *RED FLAG* right ? LoL .. NE-Way he was acting like a gerbil on crack , just really anxious and stuff Am i that intimidating? No i don't think so ! ... Ok so we're talking and stuff hes smoking like a chimney *nervous i suppose* , but hes moving around alot and just starts saying really random shit , Bitching about how his kid and his gf are home blah blah how that makes him uncomfortable , i on the other hand was fine with it . His son comes out and goes to the bathroom , then gets a drink , Daniel tells him , yes TELLS him to come in and say hello to me , so he did and afterwards he bitches about his son not giving him space ! WTF .. okay NE-WAY he says about d/l music so i said i could help him out with his comp since i do it as a side job .. I go and hook it all up get everything working and stuff . Hes sittin next to me blowin the most disgusting smoke in my face , he'd light up , drag half of it , then light up antoher one while puttin the first one out ! I'm a smoker and was feeling sick by that .. so i start to get a throbbing headache *i'm plagued by cluster headaches* ... so i tell him i'm gonna have to leave so i can make it home in time b4 i lose the vision in my left eye , something that was happening almost daily for 2 weeks which he was well aware of .. I tell him i'll call when i get home . An hour later i get home , call him when i get in the door let him know i made it safely , and i'm going to lay down for awhile and i'll call him later that evening . He's actin kinda weird on the phone but i wasn't gonna get into it . 10 minutes after hanging up Ring Ring RINg goes my phone , its u guessed it HIM! Why don't you like me ? You can be honest you left because you weren't feeling me right ? i'm like dude i fucking told you why i left , he calls me a liar *BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!!!* I was like " i fucking told you my head was throbbing , aspirin doesn't help i needed to get home , i'll call you later and hung up " later on he appologizes and then in the same breath says the next time i talk to him could i please show some interest . WTF!

Fast fwd to Feb 2nd 3 days after we met in person and had the phone altercation , he knew i was going out to a show .. i told him i would call him sunday .. i leave the bar theres 50+ missed fucking calls from , yea you guessed it HIM! Hello hes nuts right ? So i lay low for a few days cuz i'm dealing with some home repair issues so i'm working extra hours but i msg him and explain that i've been busy i'll talk to him when i can .

Fast fwd to Feb 6th , 1 week since we met in person , i've been home maybe 10 hrs a day most of which is helping my kids with homework , cooking dinner and sleeping . I get a msg on yahoo today from him , Just saying hi , well that is unless you think i'm a stalker . I've had it by this point and explain that i don't do insecure issues very well after explaining why and stuff , that we'd be better off as friends or nothing at all . He seemed fine about it , said he appreciated my honesty , said he wanted to atleast be friends yada yada ... I went on myspace and my friends count was off and i noticed that he was gone off my top friends ... now i didn't care one way or the other if he and i remained friends , to me its his loss :) i'm pretty popular LoL so whatever , But i think he was fuckin shady the way he did it .. I think he should of atleast said you know what .. FUCK OFF i don't want anything from you , rather than lying about it and turnin into a bitch ... So after this i think i'm gonna lay lower still for awhile ... after one meeting i'm noones girlfriend , and i'm not being paid to be a shrink .. So i think from now on if someone has a problem i'll just tell em to fuck off ... If someones interested in me .. I think i'll ask them to submit to a psyche eval ! dammit LoL okay done ranting now
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