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DJ-138/Julian Bevan--


About 2 years ago, after a lifetime of devotion, I just had to walk away from Hip Hop entirely. The auto tune shit and Kanye and Soulja Boy was just too damn much. And sure, I kept hearing the phrase "you just gotta dig" over and over, but I never had much luck digging for this mythical real Hip Hop that supposedly still existed.

Being rather bored with house music as of late, I decided to start digging, to see if there was any new Hip Hop that could get me excited again. Lo and behold, there is some really nice shit from the past year or two that I think many of you would dig. So this is an attempt to get some of that down in a mix for your listening pleasure.

Detroit is represented HARD on this mix, with about EIGHT MCs putting in work, not to mention a few beats from J Dilla, somehow still prolific despite his death from Lupus almost 4 years ago*

Aside from the artists on this mix, I also highly recommend this group Tanya Morgan - 2 MCs from Cincinnati and a producer from Brooklyn. They are really on some Camp Lo / Diggable type shit. Their most recent album "Brooklynati" is really nice. Peep it http://www.myspace.com/tanyamorgan




DJ Julian "138' HipHopThatDoesntSuck Right Click Save As the  link to download



01. DJ Julian - I'm back Mutha Fuckaz (2012) - this is a pete rock beat from his last album "NY's Finest" which came out in 2008. PR is still the fucking man.
02. Fashawn - Stars (2009) - this fresno, ca dude has been putting out mix tapes for a few years - this is a dope LP track from his debut album "boy meets world", released this year
03. B.o.B. - Generation Lost (2008) hottest kid out of atlanta. One of the most interesting MCs I've come across lately. Look for his "B.o.B. VS Bobby Ray" mixtape
04. Elzhi - Deep (2009) detroit - from slum village, his solo album "the preface" came out in 2008. This shit is so dope it makes me smile that Hip Hop is actually not dead after all
05. Ghostface - She's A Killah (fuck autotune edit) (2009) both ghostface and raekwon came back hard in their last couple years. I edited this track to remove the freakin' autotune chorus
06. Termanology feat Bun B - This Is How We Rock (2009) - underground kid from Massachusetts. I've been a long time of fan of Bun B. Primo on the sick ass track.
07. Panacea - Steel Kites (2006) - Two brothas from DC with serious skills. This is from their "Ink Is My Drink" LP, which is really solid all the way through.
08. Floyd The Locsmif - Fuzzy Navel (2008) - Producer kid from Georgia who made some noise a few years back with an Outkast remix tape. He's currently signed to Giant Step. This is just a nice instrumental to break shit up a bit
09. Roddyrod feat Phonte & Carlitta Durand - this time (2009) - another Detroit kid. Gotta love that he keeps it old school with the name. Phonte from Little Brother guests on this.
10. Ab & Daru - Soul Can U Feel Me (14KT RMX) (2009) - NY drummer and Detroit producer combine to make one of the most original sounding experimental hip hop records in decades. And they gave it away for free too. Peep it. LINK
11. Kool Kieth & Dennis Deft - Executive Suites (2009) - Kool Keith still keeping it crazy for 2009. This mutha fucka said "That's right / I'm a pro / I play for St. Johns / Tonight we eatin'a few PRAWNS" LOL
12. Mickey Factz - don't be light (2008) - new kid from the Bronx - not to be slept in IMO. And the beat is just beautiful.
13. illa J feat Guilty Simpson - R U Listening (2008) - more heat from Detroit, this time from Dilla's own brother. They say he has a vault of unreleased gems to make his debut album with.
14. BK-One feat Phonte, Brother Ali & The Grouch - here I am (2009) - brother ali's DJ with some guest MCs. The beats on this whole album are fucking tight.
15. De La Soul - Forever (2008) - this is from that mixtape they did for Nike last year. De La can still deliver, twenty years later no less
16. Brand Nubian - Step To The Rear (1990) - Puba at his peak. This was so hard to play in a club back in the day cuz the LP was pressed so low.
17. Mc Lyte - Paper Thin (1988) - one of my favorite Hip Hop beats of all time. I mean, how the fuck do you just dream shit like this up outta your head? Peep the video LINK
18. Buckshot feat Kardinal Offishal - I Gotcha Opin 09 (2009) - This was a promotional thing for Smirnoff Vodka, and it ain't half bad
19. Jungle Brothers - Beyond This World (138 superrhymes blend) (1988) one verse from the JBs over the outro beats from super rhymes
20. Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (2008) - Solid party track from busta. Samples the Diplomats "I Can Give You Love" LINK
21. Panacea - Startlite (2006) - another album track from these kids
22. Blackmilk - Give The Drummer Sum (2008) another Detroit native. This is from his 2008 "Tronic" LP. He also makes dope beats
23. Dilla feat Black Thought - Reality Check (2009) - from dilla's posthumous "J stay paid" album that came out earlier this year. One simple loop that makes me want to bang my head.
24. Finale - Heat (2009) - yet another Detroit rapper. They dominate this whole CD. Props to the midwest for finally getting theirs. This is from his debut album "a pipe dream and a promise"
25. A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God (138 nod factor blend) (1993) - the classic track with a madskillz acapella running over the intro loop
26. Kool and The Gang - Who's Gonna Take The Weight (EDIT) (1971) from the classic "Live At The Sex Machine" LP - Gotta teach these kids a lil' somethin, nah mean?
27. Oddisee feat J-Live & Stik Figa - what's crazy (2009) a Sudanese-American rapper & producer from DC. This is from his Mental Liberation LP
28. B.o.B. - I'll Be In The Sky (2008) - sure this sounds exactly like Andre 3000 but who cares, it's a dope track. I like everything this kid does.
29. Jay Electronica - The Pledge (EDIT) (2008) - this is a short snippet from his original 9 minute track that you can barely even call a track. It's more like a musical landscape. no beats. Just weird strings and samples. Check out the rest of his work. This dude is on some next shit, for real.


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