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created on 08/10/2008  |  http://fubar.com/disturbing/b237830

I just need to say this ... I find it very disturbing that in a world that has enough HATE in it already that people are still claiming one race is better than another. If you havent noticed by my profile I am Native American.... And I am German I will NOT Associate with ANY organization that proclaims their race is better than another... We are HUMANS first we all bleed RED we cry the same color tears we smile the same bright WHITE smile and when you look at each other there are MANY colors within our physical make up whether it be the brown in our eyes or hair or even a freckle or two... our organs are the same and carry the same color regardless of our skin pigmentation.... and for those who feel white is a better race...I hope you don't TAN because then you will become RED or BROWN and then you will look like those of us who you look down upon with your dilusional superior concepts. Image and video hosting by TinyPic Now that my rant is over..... If you have a problem with this ... Then don't come to my page !!!!

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