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Sharkfin's blog: "Chaos"

created on 10/03/2006  |  http://fubar.com/chaos/b9661
Good Morning. Hopefully your Friday will be a great one for you and those that surround you. Not like stalkers or anything of that nature. Family, friends, cohorts, ect. Hey now I was always under the impression that some of the stupidest people lived elsewhere and I will not even name locations to save bombardment of or the on slot of more dumb jokes. Or better yet as Bill Engval would put it, “Here’s your Sign” But, I heard it all on the radio this morning. A listener wrote in (email wise) to the station radio personalities and commented on a previous persons comment on how funny it was and that why so many towns named there town after their water tower…. Oh it gets better. This listener said, “Well you think that is funny, well while me and the Mrs. Were traveling this past summer we came a crossed a town that was named after a meteor in Arizona. My wife and me both were astonished that the Meteor came so close to the visitor center and did not hit it.” Yeah… we have that going on here in Michigan. I am sure this man who wrote in and his wife for that matter were meant for one another. Holey smokes. That about takes the cake. I know there are those goofy awards, I think called the Darwin Awards. But I am pretty sure one has to die to achieve that stature. So any big plans for the weekend? Well on this end the Furor wants me to start the process of getting the rest of the house ready for Mandy’s Open House. (Grad Party) I told her we have three months hold your horses. You know, I guess I will never learn. Saying that only fueled the fire and Main Furor turned into Godzilla. I only wished I could reenact like one of those Japanese actors when they first seen Godzilla, you know the lips move but no sound comes out until moments later… So yours truly will be attacking the house again this week. So not only do I have to work my bunns off at work due to our move soon, which the move is not real far from our present location just crossed town actually but, all the shelving and stock, either I will look like pop-eye the sailor man when this is all through or well… there is always that possibility that you may need to send flowers…..just kidding I will make it. Hang in there all and to all a good weekend. Three great races on tap this weekend for the Derby foes in the Coloma Nags stable club. Hopefully my future dog food will do better then last week.. oh I am so harsh when I know my weekend is filled with no up coming fun.. Hang in there… A huge hug and a even huger pat. Marty
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