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We also seem to have two suns as well apparently now.

Here are 2 videos for you which are compeling to watch.  The evidence is out here if you aren't wake yet to all the mind blowing mountains of evidence all of our government leaders have hidden from us for years.

2 Moon's video ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-J4yNo-5Lk

2 Sun's video -----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxTSOqkpqVA

We are living in strange times, but not to worry, all these things have been foretold to us centuries ago.  Yes, it's true.  The Bible has forwarned us, however, many of us just never took the time to open this great book and read it, not as a novel of fiction, though we certainly could read it as such, but as a book of knowledge.  All the answers are in there, every one of them, just have to ask FATHER in heaven to guide you through it.

We're at the 11:59 hour friends.  Have you given yourself to our MESSIAH?  HE loves us all, but won't force us to follow HIM or love HIM.  Won't you please learn who JESUS CHRIST is?  Pray to HIM unceasingly, with complete sincerity.  Repent of all your sins, and follow HIM, love HIM with all your hearts, souls, minds, and hearts.  Then love others as you want to be loved.  JESUS only wants what is best for you, and knows all that you need.

Look at all that's going on in this world, heck in this universe! It's not just by chance these changes are happening. JESUS, the prophets, and FATHER YHWH all fortold of this day that now here.  Don't be like the people in Noah's day that refused to heed the warnings told them.  Please accept the MESSIAH YESHUA/JESUS CHRIST as your personal SAVIOR, but mean it with all of your beinging and soul.

You can contact anyone of us in the Christian community on YouTube (I'm netta2158 on there) or contact a locale Pastor who is teaching the true gospel of JESUS CHRIST. Please keep in mind the choice is your to make, no one elses.  FATHER YHWH in heaven and MESSIAH YESHUA/JESUS CHRIST love you, know this as a truth.

May JESUS continue to guide, direct, protect, and bless you all upon HIS narrowing path.

yours through CHRIST,


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