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created on 09/08/2009  |  http://fubar.com/diamond-rings/b308641

Engagement rings consist of many features. Its metal band, precious stones, settings, elaborative engravings are few of the chief features that make a ring. Each of it involves good amount of money and total cost of the jewelry piece goes higher if the couples demand a great quality as well. So, what is the most costly such feature on the ring?

Well, without doubt it is the diamond. Though usually there is single diamond on the top of the ring, still it is expensive and often out of the buying reach of the couples. To escape the high costs, some couples opt for smaller diamonds. Still, the costs are out of budget if some care is not taken to cut the expenses. One can say that if you successfully cut the cost of precious stone, the overall cost of the ring will be down substantially.


First tip is that you must consider is to purchase a loose diamond for ensuring of quality and lower costs. A mounted stone on the ready made ring may not be of good quality. Moreover, loose diamonds are cheaper to purchase as you can buy them from anywhere at lower costs.


A flawless diamond is expensive. Instead of such stones, you should look for the ones that have some inclusions in it. Search for the diamonds that have invisible flaws in it. Such precious stones are usually within budget for engagement rings.


Another aspect of the diamonds to look for is its color. If it is colorless or pure white in appearance, then it is beyond buying capability of the couples. Ask the jeweler to show you some yellow color diamonds. But do not settle for the stones having dark yellow or brown color which are indicative of bad quality. A middle grade of color should be your preference as such stones are affordable as well.


The engagement rings with a diamond having affordable cuts should be preferred. Cuts make the light reflect from the facets on the surface and from deep inside. The diamond will be brilliant with little lower facets and not so deeper cuts. But the costs will be less expensive. Similarly, a pear or heart shaped diamond is highly costly because of the skills and time involved. Instead, opt for rectangle or square shaped stones for cutting the costs. Princes or emerald cut diamonds should be your preferences.


The type of settings is also responsible for decreasing of enhancing of engagement rings costs. For instance, prong setting may cost you less than a channel setting on a platinum ring as the metal is very strong. If some more engravings are to be made on the metal, then the cost will accelerate.


In the end, it can be said that the couples can always search for budget rings in the wide marketplace. Engagement rings are within their range once they follow above tips.

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