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THIS WAS WRITTEN BY TONY AND HE DID AWESOME, THIS WAS WRITTEN FOR DEVILISH EXPRESS I am not your Enemy nor Am I not nice I am the Devilish Expression So come and share in my Delights Some can say I am Naughty but I just love to play And if you like to see the Fun and Laughter on display Look at the Profile Read and check it out For we are here to amuse you and we will gladly help you out We show the Love we have for you And we can ignite the Fire So check out the Page and see if you have the desire Welcome to Fubar and Shine the Light of Love With a Little Devilish Expression We can help your page to soar Now you might have Questions And we are here to help Just a Little Devilish Expression Can bring Joy to everyone I am not here for anything but to guide So please do not try to take me upon any joy ride I am Devilish Expression But for those who need some help So if you are excited then by all means ask us for help We will gladly show you How to make your Page glow For Devilish Expression can help to make your friends and family glow So if your looking for the help Just give us a shout Devilish Expressions means one thing We are all here to help (Tony Kenyon 2008)
My friend Tony wrote this poem for the wolves of wiccan To My Brothers and Sisters who share in the Dream That the Fire of delight now to the center bring Share your Words so all can unite Bring the Circle of truth and desire 1000 comments they need to be shown The love the passion that your spirit shows them Bring them the message let everyone read For Love shines bright when we ignite the flame ('Tony Kenyon 2008
subject: JOINING DEVILISH EXPRESS post date: 2008-04-28 16:54:57 views: 6 comments: 1 ratings: 0 Welcome to Devilish Express Friendship Train TO ALL MEMBERS the one that can recruit the most referrals gets a one day blast They MUST say your fubar name for it to count on you they must rate/fan/add and they MUST keep tabs as well as you and we will AND PLEASE NO CHEATING AND EVERYONE HAS TO ADD BOTH DJ RISING STARS AND DEVILISH THIS IS A FRIENDSHIP TRAIN AND FRIENDS HELP FRIENDS SO IF ONE ASKS YOU FOR YOUR HELP PLEASE GIVE WITHOUT QUESTION
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