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Since the "Archetypal Movie -The Exorcist" released in 1973 there have been endless knockoffs of it created but the original movie touched a nerve in the collective subconscious of people as all sorts of troubled souls imagined themselves to be oppressed or possessed. It is interesting to note the striking parallel between it and Orson Welles adaption of H.G. Welles book, "War Of The Worlds" in October 30, 1938 where the adaption was made to sound like an actual broadcast and created "Mass Hysteria" across America. Some have argued that this singular event gave rise to our modern mythology of the UFO movement but the signs of extraterrestrial presence has been with us for thousands of years and I would think Orson Welles little error in judgement simply brought it forward into our conscious realm thereby giving it tangibility. I have read on a number of threads here in tribenet varying opinions on the possibility of malevolent non human spirits and what they might be. My wife and I have a history going back for a few years now of encounters with entities in our home and even one that went for a car ride with my wife and played with her hair from the back seat driving down a dark highway. The experience left her shaken as to both of us there was no doubt that this frightening distraction could have resulted in injury or death. Truthfully the incidences in our home have not been dramatic like a Hollywood movie but still have been emotional experiences like when my daughter in her room upstairs and my wife in our room downstairs both saw a blue one foot orb during the beginning of sleep time and within the same time frame as Destiny came downstairs and told us what she had seen. These are said to be benevolent spirits associated with protection which is a comforting notion but there been more dark episodes that have occurred that suggests to me we are being stalked by something that never really goes away but hovers about waiting for opportunity to try and influence us. I have felt it's presence off and on again for years now and would recognize it instinctively. When my wife had the hair playing episode I felt the threat to her and waited for her to leave first from the resturant thinking the threat was in the parking lot(perhaps at the hands of a human assailant) Looking back in retrospect I would leave my vehicle behind as the threat to her was right in the vehicle with her in the back seat, in the dark. The time she saw the silhouette of a man through the door window set against the gloomy predawn sky we had this thing in our house opening our basement door. I thought at the time this was a human presence but thinking about the "MO" of our would be stalker entity it's signature was present there too the night prior to the incident as I was feeling emotionally vunerable, depressed for reasons I could not explain but I had this almost overwhelming feeling that I could give myself willingly over to something so utterly dark and let it take control of me. After awhile the feelings subsided but looking back on the experience I am convinced this was a form of attack, possibly moving from "Infestation" to "Oppression". One of the most dramatic encounters with this entity was walking into a house I was house sitting and stepping twenty feet in from the door when it attacked me. The attack itself admitedly was rather benign and at the time i did not know what was happening but having done some research online the symptoms I experienced was attempted possession. The author of the article said in no uncertain terms that most possessions or attempted possessions are not the dramatic Linda Blair episodes but the low level sensations I encountered that night that I walked into this house. I registered as a dull ache that came on suddenly like I was the focus of attention for somethin try to force its thoughts into me. This went on for about two minutes with elevated heart rate, shivering due to sudden feelings of cold and emotional vunerability and the sudden opening of the garage door joined on the kitchen.(The little fucker seems to have a thing for doors .xD) Some would suggest I am unwittingly creating these manifestations which I am no authority to rule that out. I do generate a strong field that causes more mischief and shit than most people should have to deal with in one lifetime but a curse can become a blessing if you can learn to use your gift contructively. In the meantime I keep a close watch for my little friend if he does exist because if so...... he is a persisitent little fucker and I don't think he will ever give up on his quest. Our border collie Star has shown real agitation lately and jumped at the slightest noise so I think my advance guard is alerting me that he may be on the move again....... until then I await his move. -the man of pech merle.

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