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tjtoaster's blog: "Stoopid science"

created on 08/11/2007  |  http://fubar.com/stoopid-science/b114364
So a while ago I heard his new theory about black holes. From what I knew about it, I thought it was bullshit. Since personally I hate the people who make their minds up about something with little information to go on, and even worse are the people who will argue with you when they don’t really know or understand the information. My intentions were to make sure I understood the information before calling it crap. To do that I had to understand not just the information, but the information that led up to it. I bought a couple of his books, A Briefer History of Time and Black Holes and Baby Universes. I tried to approach the information with an open mind. However I kept coming up with questions that were not being answered. For example what is the mass of light? Or is the speed of light absolute? I had a number of lively debates and exchanges of ideas both in person and online. None of the discussions were remotely hostile, just people trying to understand and working with the information they had to come to a conclusion. After all this I come across a sentence a few chapters after the discussions started and here is the quote, “only light, or other waves that have no intrinsic mass, can move at the speed of light.” My response is “Fuck you Stephen Hawking!” Then a couple of chapters later I come across info that poses possible questions of that. So here is my current theory. Stephen Hawking is my nemesis. He is the Joker to my Batman, the Lex Luthor to my Superman. He is the very epitome of the evil genius. Knowing that I disagreed with his current black hole theory, his giant ego went out of control with rage that I would DARE to question him. So he hatched a plot to discredit and embarrass me. Quickly he manipulated events to make sure the nearby book stores would be stocked with books purposefully written with facts and information moved around. He knew that I enjoy an exchange of ideas and posing questions to my friend, questions he would later answer in his book would make me look bad. Well the last laugh is on you, you handi-capable mastermind. I will not be thwarted. I remain undeterred in my search for answers, and yes I will continue you question your mad genius until I reach the truth. Despite your best efforts, my search for knowledge will continue. The truly sad thing is that a man of that intellect cannot appreciate my desire for information and understanding. Rather than help me, he stand in my way. You had better hope that your wheelchair has a ninja mode should we ever meet in a dark alley. My eyes are open and I see the true you. Now I see the arrogant smug of my nemesis in your pictures. I see that you have been taunting me with appearances in my favorite shows to include the Simpson’s. So just in case you missed it Stephen Hawking….Fuck you!
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