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created on 01/26/2007  |  http://fubar.com/damn-people/b48966
Yes I know boring topic but still.. I've been working on 1099's for work for the last few MONTHS. You know wanted to get them out on time if not early. So I FINALLY go them all done and sent out today. Granted the figures were computer generated, printed, and we used out machine to fold/stuff them, but I have over 20hrs of Overtime last week to finish up corrections, calling vendors for w9's, auditing, and trying to explain to vendors that we weren't trying to steal their identity just trying to follow the law and report what needed to be reported.... So anyways. I get a call from my brother. He never calls or responds to my calls/text's for that matter unless he wants/needs something. This time his other sister, we are not related at all, needs help with 1099's. She needs to know how to fill the F*ing things out. My reactions in this order.... * Why the Fuck does she need to fill out 1099's she isn't in accounting. * Why the FUCK is it MY responsibility to help her with these her parents know how to do them. * WHY THE FUCK DOESN'T SHE GO ON IRS.GOV AND FIGURE IT OUT HER FUCKING SELF!? * WHY THE FUCK IS MY BROTHER CALLING ME TO HELP HER WHEN HE KNOW I DON'T LIKE HER? So I called him back told him all my stuff was computer generated and just the basics that I knew because I didn't have my 1099 stuff at home with me. Told him to tell her to go on irs.gov and if she had any questions to call me, but I couldn't guarantee that I would be able to help. This pisses me off because I deal with morons all day at work I don't want to deal with more when I get home from work. ESPECIALLY when it ISN'T MY responsibility..... SIGH OK done venting... any comments?
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