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created on 02/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/daily-musings/b190507
Well, I had my first horse show on Saturday Feb 9th. For starters, I was nervous as hell. Just like your first time driving, or your first day of high school, or hell even college...You're not really scared (well, some aren't), just nervous. It's a new experience, one you've never had before only heard about. Throughout the day I had 5 different people offer me a beer to calm my nerves, and Mel even offered me a Valium, lol. It was Georgia's first time at a show as well. It was a new place for her, a new experience and for the most part she did well. She wasn't used to be ridden for more than an hour or so a day, but she was a trooper, and except for a few kinks she did well. I rode her for about 2 hours all the while trying to clam my nerves. On top of being nervous, I do not do well in big crowds, especially when I'm the center of attention. Everyone came up to me throughout the day complimenting me or talking to me about my horse. I was polite, but it was difficult. After about 2 hours or so, Georgia (my horse) picked up on my apprehension, and stopped listening to me. She wouldn't do what I asked. This didn't help my anxiety any. Finally I made her walk back to the trailer where Mel was and asked her if she would ride Georgia for me in the show today, which Mel agreed to. Mel took her out to the back field where a few other horses were being worked. The first Class Georgia was entered in was a "walk-walk" class. Basically they walk around the arena once in one directoin, then reverse and walk the arena in the second direction. She kicked ass and took first place. The second Class she was entered into was the "walk-jog" class. She spooked once by jumping sideways, but did excellent afterwards, but that one incident cost her first, and she took home Second Place. The third Class was the "Junior Western" class, which means horses 5 yrs old and younger are allowed to enter. Georgia's going to be 3 this year, so she qualified. In this event, she showed her ass a little near the end, and took home Third place. Now comes the part I was sorely pissed off over. Yes, she had been ridden all day, she wasn't used to it and started giving major attitude with Melanie. She had one more show, the "Western Pleasure Open", and after Mel worked her in the round pen a few minutes, Georgia was ready. We all doted on her and got her ready for the last show and when it started, she was awesome. All the money spent on having her trained, and conditioned and readied paid off in watching her take off in the ring. I knew for sure she was going to win first place. But there were 2 jackasses in the arena who weren't following the announcer's commands. They both were galloping around the ring. Georgia is used to having other horses trot, or walk, lope, or canter past her. She'd never had a horse gallop full speed up behind then pass her. When the first jackass passed her, it startled her, but Mel kept her in check and goin. But when the second passed her, it scared her to death and she bolted. As soon as Mel got her under control, Georgia started bucking and Mel had to turn her into the fence. After the class was over, and the horses stood in a line, Georgia didn't even place. On the plus side, I wouldn't have known she was afraid of that. But It still irks me to no end that she didn't win. When she was doing what she was supposed to, she was so much better than all the other horses. And I don't say that just because she's my horse, she really was that good. Oh well, there's always next time. The next definate show is in April, I guess I'm gonna have to train up. Mel said I have to ride my own horse next time because she wants to put her horse against mine. LoL. May the best horse win!
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