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firezz's blog: "Smoke and firezz"

created on 07/23/2007  |  http://fubar.com/smoke-and-firezz/b106561
What factors lead someone to a cyber-romance? Is it the exotic quality of it? The "exotic" quality of a cyber-romances might be one factor that attracts some people. Using computers is a relatively new way to have an intimate relationship with someone. Because it occurs through this seemingly powerful and mysterious thing call the "internet" or "cyberspace", it may feel exciting to some people. The lover's presence enters your home (or office) without the person physically being there, which feels very magical. On a more down-to-earth level, people are drawn to cyber-romances for the same reasons they are drawn to "face-to-face" romances - either they don't have a "real-life" love relationship, or there is something missing in their "real-life" love relationship. On the internet, they may indeed find what they are missing. Or, because of the partial anonymity of cyberspace, which allows lots of room for fantasy and imagination, they may THINK they have found what they are missing. http://www.rider.edu/~suler/psycyber/bvinterview.html
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