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One of my all-time favorite bands is The Moody Blues.  The band was at their creative peak over a 7 album stretch (Days of Future Passed up through Seventh Sojourn) with each member contributing strong songs to the album mixes.  Think about 7 classic albums in a span of 6 years from 1967 to 1972.

Many of their songs hit me and when I hear them I get lost in the moment.  Listening on Pandora at work today Our Guessing game came on.  It's from the album Every Good Boy Deserves Favour which is a good album but not their best. This track features Ray Thomas near his prime, with introspective lyrics and a strong vocal performance.  The other highlight of the track is Justin Hayward's lead guitar riffs which are excellent throughout the entire album, such a warm tone that is instantly recognizable as his.
I've been reflective lately and I love this part of the song which struck just the right chord with me today:

Standing in the town
Looking at people, counting their frowns
Unhappy faces, hurrying around
So blind they cannot see
All of the things
The way life ought to be
And with tomorrow what will they make of me

It leaves me so much to explain
That's the start of our guessing game

There are times when I think that I've found the truth
There are times when I know that I'm wrong
And the days when I try to hide my fears
Bless the days when I'm feeling strong

(Lyrics: Ray Thomas from The Moody Blues) 
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