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created on 01/16/2008  |  http://fubar.com/arrrrrrrrrr/b178916
I'd love to hang out with you all, but you're all way over there and NOT HERE!!!!!!! I'm having a real crisis. Life is getting very dull and/or irritating. I need friends locally. I can't afford to travel lately. I don't know how to meet friends, maybe I'm weird or something. YOU TELL ME. hmmmmmmmmmm??????? Or maybe everyone is scared of eachother for no apparent reason. Well, this is my local progress list so far: (had to make it a pic file or it wouldn't pass spam filter) *It's like I can't even meet FRIENDS anymore locally. (some below, are just suggestions) Malls: People look too busy to pull them aside for a "HEY YOU, YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'D WANT TO HANG OUT WITH ME, IF I'M NOT MISTAKEN" and get stares and weird looks as they're suddenly mastering walking backwards. Plus nothing there but a bunch of teenies anyways. Restaurant trick: Slip the waitress a $10 or $20 so that she purposely can't find me a seat. Ask her to either ask if I can be seated with a friendly group of social seeming people. Then sit down and explain to them that the restaurant ran out of seating reservations, and that my friend was gonna meet me there and canceled plans at the last minute, and use sincere puppydog-eye-expressions and say that "I'm hungry and would like to eat at least at some table." Could that even work? Grocery stores: I could always shop in the freezer-section for all the cold people there are! Nothing cooler than interrupting people from their tasks and chores of everyday life for some social time. Wait, what am I saying? In WNY, we have the coolest grocery stores ever, they're like MALL-SIZED! But don't let that totally fool us, sure 24 hours they're open, and yeah people of all ages will attend there, but what do I say to them? "Hey nice hair, nice shirt, nice something" and run out of cliches? The girls look like if they were alone, they'd be shopping for cake-making supplies for some occasion, and some many girls are foreigners that don't assimilate. WORK: This seems like the only way to meet people. Sorta like lighting up a cigarette gives you an excuse to literally stand in the same general quadrant of the other surrounding people. And not every job lets you stand around and talk. "Best Buy" or "Buy More" or whatever isn't a true reality. These jobs aren't always available and job seeking is tough in this area. I think those jobs are meant for anyone under 23, unless they're "royal"(*ask me*) Heck, people in the WNY area seriously don't want to hang out at all. They're too busy wrapped up into their sorry miserable lack-of-economic situation or getting away with the better end of the deal ($$$) unfair... People are real deadbeats Oh and there's this one (LOCAL) user on this site that's now a VIP'er by the name of "Tink"(somethin or other), she wont even hang out with me either, she doesn't respond to any mail or anything anymore. And I could care less if she reads this or people she knows here can all drink my melted snow. I've had it. NOTE: I did not say anything bad or untrue about her. Doesn't anyone here have the guts to maybe set me aside and tell me WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME????????? HHHHUH????? (at least I still have my large family) *for all new friends here, please read my previous blog.
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