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Female · From Northridge, CA · Invited by: 975301 · Joined on June 28, 2007 · Born on December 22nd · 44 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 10 different people have a crush on me!
Female · From Northridge, CA · Invited by: 975301 · Joined on June 28, 2007 · Born on December 22nd · 44 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 10 different people have a crush on me!

I do not post NSFW pictures, so please don’t ask. I truly believe that a real lady will always leave certain things to the imagination. I also do not view NSFW pictures, again I think what I envision within my mind is more than satisfactory to me.

I believe we all have a set destiny, but we have the choice what paths we choose. Think before you act, weigh the consequences, often we hurt others because we can not see past our own wants and desires. If happiness is achieved through selfish reckless acts, it is a happiness undeserved.


I don't much care for the world we live in,
I think people have lost track of what is important.
So busy butting into everyone else's business
>Dictating right from wrong, judging those that are different.
Creating rules and laws that infringe upon our rights.
I believe that peace, love and harmony would be easily obtained
If people spent as much time bettering themselves
As they did trying to change others
I don't think that fame and fortune can bring happiness.
I believe that happiness is derived from acceptance.
There are things in the world, that we don't like,
Most of which we cannot change, and we shouldn't try!
The hardest thing to do, is to love yourself
To accept who you are, and be proud of it.
Society tramples our own self worth daily,
By labeling us failures because we do not conform
To the way of the majority, which in reality is really a minority!
Individuality is AWESOME!
Believe in yourself!
Stand tall and never let someone put themself above you!
But more importantly, do not judge others,
Do not put yourself above anyone!
Peace will only come with acceptance!

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Female · From Northridge, CA · Invited by: 975301 · Joined on June 28, 2007 · Born on December 22nd · 44 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 10 different people have a crush on me!
I am a published poet. Throughout my life I have always found it easy to express myself through the written word....For me it is a release of emotions....Whether it be love, joy or sadness; words have the ability to touch us all. You may view my words as the ramblings of a silly girl, the cries of a lost child or the heart felt emotions of a woman in love....It doesn't much matter because these are my words, not yours! Below is an example of my work, written in tribute and sorrow for our fallen soldiers.

The Hollow Victory

The battle rages on
As the bullets fly
In the quest for victory
Our young soldiers die

They laid like stone
Tears of red
Hearts pierced by bayonets
A hundred men dead

Fighting for freedom
That’s what they were told
As the days progress
The truth would unfold

Not freedom or liberty
But a piece of land
Greed and power
Go hand in hand

Wading in a sea of blood
Fallen comrades at his feet
Was this truly victory
A war based on deceit

With dawn’s light
The sounds of battle now still
One soldier stands alone
No more he has to kill

What freedom lies in survival
When so many heartbeats cease
It is only those that died
That truly know the meaning of peace

©dawn 2007


I believe in Love, I believe in Destiny, I believe in Fate

I believe that each of us has a purpose in life

I believe there is good in everyone

I believe in Fairies, The Greek Gods and The Sandman

It really doesn't matter who or what you believe in



My Treasure Chest

I have a wooden cedar box
Filled with precious things
Most of no value to you
But joy to me it brings

A copper penny, 1961
The year I was given life
A withered old white rose
From the day I became a wife

Two certified legal documents
That tell me that I am free
A US birth certificate
And a final divorce decree

Golden locks, adorned with ribbon
Clipped from the head of my son
A bag filled with tiny teeth
Exchanged for a dollar one by one

A report card, five A’s and one B
My sons first year at school
A tattered silken blanket
Still covered with infant drool

A book of poems that I had written
While in my rebellious teens
Fifty plus love letters
From then, now and in-between

Old yellowed photographs
Of family long since gone
A dozen crayon pictures
That both my kids have drawn

Hospital anklets, pink and blue
That Danny and Sara wore
A stupid keep out sign
That I used to hang on my door

Each item within this box
Is a memory that I hold dear
I keep them for a distant time
When my memory won’t be so clear

So if you wish to see inside
To you I have one request
Do not call it just a box
‘Cause to me it’s a “TREASURE CHEST”

A Healing Silence

When anger rages
Resist the urge to speak
Words will only wound
Resolve is what you seek

Simply take a quiet moment
To let your feelings digest
Remember all that is good
Let nature do the rest

Within this moment of silence
Reason will abound
Animosity retreats
Again love is found

©Dawn 2007



Understanding the meaning of this, I really don’t think I idolize anyone. I admire many people but not to the point of obsession, nor would I label anyone a Deity. Well ok maybe Aphrodite. I think if you were to make an idol of anyone, it should be yourself. We have all led different lives, faced our own demons and struggles. Yet we are still here. Life is hard, but every morning that you wake up you have survived the day before. Be proud of that.
Video Games
Location is not what makes you an American. To be American is a state of mind, a patriotic heart and an understanding and acceptance of the American way. To embrace diversity, for America is not one race, one religion, not one way of life. Our forefathers gave us guidelines to follow, rules to abide by and the faith to know that as long as we remain United we will never face defeat. When we start changing/rewriting the great words this country was founded on, we can no longer call ourselves American.

Madison's Tears

Virginia, June 8, 1789
James Madison penned the constitution
And on December 15, 1791
It became America’s resolution

The first amendment clearly states
No abridging of the freedom to speak
We may assemble peacefully
With either praise or critique

Facts gathered respectfully
Researched and verified
Presented in a competent manner
So that it’s content is clarified

I am sure this is what Madison meant
When he wrote our Bill of Rights
But people with little or no morals
Have taken it’s meaning to new heights

Our legal right is so often abused
By members of this human race
Speaking not the truth, but secret lies
WIth intent to besmirch and abase

Words contrived of anger not fact
Whispered by a substandard class
Are nothing more than calumniation's
Intended to demean and harass

Comments made in hidden fashion
By those that know they’re wrong
Should reevaluate their own self worth
Before dragging others along

This law was established for one and all
But with this privilege comes obligation
To compose your words with integrity
Absent of false representation

So if you have something to say
That is of any importance at all
Speak only the truth loud and clear
While standing proud and tall

If James Madison were here today
Surely his eyes would fill with tears
At how his words were misconstrued
And dismembered over the years

©Dawn 2007

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