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I was watching the news the other day. I was amazed at what I saw. What are these people thinking. There was a reason that Hilary Clinton did not finish her run for the white house. I saw that McCain had chosen a female for his vice president running mate. Can You Say STUPID... He just gave OBAMA the election... MY OPINION..


I do not understand.. and I know this is a subject that every person on this sight will debate or has debated since the beginning of this site. I thought that when I joined this site. I was joining an adult site. there are pictures out there that I find real offensive. but See I am an adult and I know that some one else might like it. and find it funny.. That is why we are individuals. Some of the poses that people do. I have been in upper management.. I know what sexual harrassment is. Even some of the Cartoons can be offensive to some people. give me a break. If you do not want to see something. there is a little thing called CLICK OFF OF IT...MOVE ON.. and think to yourself.. before you report it because you did not like... is there something on my PERFECT site what someone might not like..
Although there are some out there that my think differently.. To you I say LOOK around.. This planet is alive.. Why are we destroying it.. We cut down the trees.. in the name of progress. How do we expect to breathe.. Why are we taking metels out of the ground. Do not get me wrong. I am not saying that we should go back to the way things were over 200 years ago.. when we know so much more about the healling process of medicines.. I am saying that if we do not stop taking things away from from something that is our sorce of life.. How do we expect for her not to react.. The weather was alot smoother.. we put rockets through the atmosphere.. then wonder why there are holes...DUH.. and to think these are scientist..we are messing with a living being and wonder why it. (some call her. Mother Earth.. ) fights back the only way she knows how.. Tornados, earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricane.
I know you all have hears this before.. But.. we live in a crazy mixed up world today.. A world where everyone wants to be different, but, they have a real hard time when they run into someone that is different.. it would be a very boring world if everyone was just like me.. or you.. it is the differences that makes this a cool planet. I have heard that we are letting same sex couples the ability to bet married and there are alot of people out there that are having a hard time with that.. just think about this.. you are married and it is the same sex.. Every person on this planet deserves the right to be happy.. if it does not effect you why are you allowing it to get your panties in a wad.. Get over your self.. you chose a mate.. everyone should have that right.. even me.. I know that special pereson is out there waiting for me. Just as they were waiting for you to get to where they were.
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