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This guy can't make up his mind. First he rated me as a 7 then came back a while later and changed it to an 8. biggred

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I try not to let downraters bug me too much. I usually just post a blog and return the rate they left me. But when it comes to downraters that do not even have balls enough to post a picture of themselves I get a bit miffed. That is the case here. I was left a 2 and he/she has no pics of themself just a crappy avatar pic. devers

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From the comments on his profile that seems to be his number of choice. He's a zero in my book. blazer08

@ fubar
Hit my default pic with a 1, so I returned the favor! I'm sorry but a level 9 should know better by now. backwoods boy

@ fubar

She was caught cheating in the contest I am hosting. My rules clearly said no green accounts even before I started taking contestants. Link to the blog with the contest description and rules. It was last updated on April 9th when the last contestant entered. http://www.fubar.com/blog/140122/747219 All that was altered on that day was to change the number of contestants to 9. She had one green account bombing her like crazy today. I caught them and when I went to visit the profile it was deleted. I have a screenshot that clearly shows her pic and a comment from the green account. Photobucket I tried to warn her, but she had me blocked from sending shouts and private messages (or it was a glitch - either way I tried), so I first left the screen shot as a comment on her profile (which she deleted) so I then deleted the picture from the contest folder. I had stated this is what I would do, at this point I had to do it or I would be breaking my own rules. I then got a private message from her about 30 minutes later asking why the pic was deleted. I responded with the above screenshot and explained again why she was disqualified. She immediately followed by doing this.... Photobucket Apparently not only is she a cheater, but she doesn't like it being called like it is. She also blocked me so I can not return the 1 but that's fine. Now she is a cheater and a downrater. If this is how a Club FAR member acts I want no part in it. Best family on Fu is what they say....with members like that I don't think so. Here is her link.... Mz Chaos♥R/L Wifey 2 TinMan22/

@ fubar Decide for yourself at this point. You don't have to rate her, you don't have to visit her profile. I'm just putting the info out there. Especially after she posted a bulletin about me telling everyone pretty much to come and downrate me. -----> link to reposted bully from her: http://www.fubar.com/bulletins.php?b=2115977114 More lies....and I have the screenshots to prove my side and who the TRUE liar is! Yet another repost of a bulletin bad mouthing me...calling me a liar, Bitch, etc. http://fubar.com/bulletins.php?b=3937581594 She called the wrong person a Bitch....call me a bitch...I'll show you a bitch. Here are the screenshots of the 2nd comment I left on her profile explaining she was disqualified and why. The comment is also a screenshot of the green account bombing her pic. Now in her bulletin she claims I never left a comment. Of course she is mistaken. She thinks I said I left the comment on her contest pic....now why would I do that. I was trying to warn her what was happening was breaking the contest rules. Here is the screenshot of the top half of the 2nd comment on HER PROFILE! Photobucket Here is the bottom half of the same comment explaining she had been disqualified and why... Photobucket and lastly look at the time. I sent the original comments and then removed her pic from the contest folder about 30 minutes prior to this comment actually showing up. Also keep in mind I left two comments. This is only the second one. The first one with the screenshot of the green account bombing mysteriously never showed up (only thing I can figure is she has it set to approve comments and just never approved it). Photobucket A friend left her a comment and look I was right she has it set to authorize comments. Funny how she approved the second one but never the first which was the warning. I wish I had screen shotted it. Oh well. Photobucket Again I say decide for yourself at this point....those that truly know me know I don't make shit up. I'm as fair and easy going as they come until you piss me off. Well she has done that and then some. If you choose to take her side, fine remove me as a friend or whatever, if you believe me and happen to be a friend of hers also, all I ask is what you do is on your own...you are not doing it for me. Decide for yourself.

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