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Something pretty interesting happened with Mark and me that I just have to tell you about. Mark and I were moving some of our things from a storage locker, and we'd asked a friend to help us. We've known Jay for more than year and had parties often with him and his wife Robin. Jay's an Internet entrepreneur, but not stereotypical computer geek. He's tall and muscular from playing sports and working out and a really smart, fun sensitive guy. Anyway, this day, I'd been feeling pretty horny since we woke up. I'd given Mark a pretty wet hand job as we lay in bed that morning, letting his cum spray over my chest and tits, and had then laid back and rubbed it all in as he watched me with a grin. Mark knows these moods I get in, and knows how to just let me play. I really didn't want to fuck at that point, just wanted to play... Sometimes I prefer to let things build inside me to a fever pitch before letting loose. The smell and feel of Mark's cum always helps with my mood. I ended up masturbating myself as Mark laid back on one elbow and watched with a huge grin. I gave myself a massive orgasm, but it did little to dampen my horny mood. After we showered I put on my favorite sexy shorts. Actually, they belonged to Mark at one time but I liberated them from his closet. They're nylon satin jogging shorts that are split up both sides for running and, on Mark, barely cover his ass. On me, they do cover my ass, but are so loose and floating that it feels like I'm not wearing anything. Today that's exactly what I put on under them....nothing! Mark didn't realize it, and I looked forward to the opportunity to tease him. The morning mountain air was cool against my lips as I walked around, and that only heightened my mood. I decided against a bra, also, choosing a tight, cropped basketball shirt. The top part was solid cotton, and covered most of my tits, but the bottom was made of a mesh material. I knew that if someone were to look at the right angle they could see the undersides of my firm tits through the mesh. And, my nipples, which were always hard when I was hot, poked out enticingly against the cotton. The bottom of the mesh ended at about the middle of my belly. On the other hand, if I stood still and upright, I appeared to be dressed like most joggers in our town. Thing is, with moving and lifting stuff and whatnot, I knew also, that I would not be standing still very much... I looked at myself in the mirror and grinned with satisfaction, just as Mark yelled that we had to leave to meet Jay at the storage yard. He whistled his appreciation as I bounced down the steps to the truck. "You are in a mood today, aren't you, sugar..." he laughed, his eyes dancing over my erect nipples. "I think Jay will offer to help us more often after he sees you!" He leaned over and kissed me deeply, sliding a hand under my cropped top to cup a naked breast. " Well, I see you approve..." I chuckled as my hand slid into the leg of his shorts to find his cock. "You know I do, lover, but if we don't get out of here, I'm likely to drag you back into the house and jump your bones!" "Promises, promises..." I replied with a grin, as Mark pulled the truck out of the driveway. * * * * * Our playful banter during the fifteen minute drive kept Mark's cock at full staff, and when we pulled into the storage yard, there were people milling about, so he had to sit for a minute or two till his hard-on decreased. Jay met us at the entrance, and leaned against the truck, chatting with Mark as I went to unlock our locker. I made a big production of bending over to unlock the padlock, and then slowly raising the overhead door. I knew my tits would be almost exposed with my arms over my head, and I pretended to have some trouble getting the door to stay up, making my top pull up as I jumped up and down. As I turned back to the truck, both guys were staring at me and talking in a conspirital manner, grins plastered on both their faces. I knew my little show had worked... "Well, come on guys!" I yelled with a laugh. "I'm not going to load all this by myself!" Mark worked on backing the truck up to the door and Jay walked over to see where his help was needed. I moved to the back of the locker and began to move the plastic that covered everything. We only needed a few things, but some of them were heavy which is why we needed Jay. Although I was thinking of another service he might perform later! Jay took over removing plastic from the furniture, and I moved to the back to get the boxes we wanted. They were stacked high on the back wall, and I got up on the short step ladder we keep there and began reaching up to get them as Jay folded plastic. I knew he was watching me though and I began to get warm knowing his eyes were on me. As I reached for a particularly high box, I felt the cool morning air on my tits and knew that my top had ridden up high enough to expose the underside of my tits. As I held the box over my head, my hard nipples held the thin material high, and I turned to Jay with a sexy smile. "I might need a hand here, Jay..." I purred. I was getting extremely turned on knowing my tits were exposed to our friend, and, from the large bulge in his shorts, I could tell my efforts weren't being wasted on Jay. "Anything to help a lady..." Jay replied with a nervous grin. As he walked slowly towards the back, his eyes didn't stray from my breasts, and I made no move to lower my arms. By the time he reached up for the box, I could see his cock pushing out against his loose shorts. It looked as hard as a pipe! "Thanks, Jay..." I said, handing him the box. "No, thank you, Charlotte..." he smiled with a wink. I licked my top lip as I looked into his eyes and we stayed that way for a second or two. The sound of the truck backing up to our locker, and the door slamming broke our concentration, but did nothing to stop the lusty thoughts that raced through my head. "Hey, aren't you guys done yet?!?!" Mark's voice boomed. "I swear, I have to do everything!" His good natured taunting caused Jay to turn towards him and toss the box at him. Mark caught it easily, though, and set it on the couch. He looked at the label and then at me with a quizzical grin. "Charlotte...These are winter clothes we haven't worn in three years!" I looked at Jay and laughed. "Ooops...I guess I wasn't paying attention..." I said to no one in particular. "Toss it back and Jay will help me get it back up...." Mark knew full well what was going on and tossed the box back to Jay with a wide grin. As I said before he knew how to play when I was in this mood. Jay turned to hand the box up to me, only this time he moved much closer, pressing his broad shoulder against my ass as I reached high once again. I hadn't bothered to adjust my top during our banter and the effect of raising my arms again was to expose even more of my tits. I'm sure even Mark could see now. My hunch was proven correct, for I heard Mark's voice coming from beside Jay as I replaced the box. "Careful honey...You don't want to fall..." I grinned as I felt his hand slide up my leg and under my shorts, cupping my naked ass with his strong fingers to "steady" me. I pushed back against both of them, taking plenty of time to make certain the box was not going to fall.... As I turned my face back to the boys, I caught them sharing another conspirital smile, both of them focusing on my satin covered ass. I began to wiggle against Mark's hand and he responded by dipping further in...until I felt his fingertips against my now-wet pussy lips. "I think we got it now, boys..." I teased, wiggling my butt for effect. I was beginning to enjoy this a bit too much. I had plans, alright, but they didn't involve a storage locker! I wanted to get the work done and get back to the foothills. Then we could play.... The boys dutifully stepped back and helped me down from the ladder. I decorously, but teasingly, adjusted my top while looking at their crotches. Both men were sporting full hard-ons now, and it was all I could do to stop myself from dropping to my knees right there! The teasing works both ways!! We got down to work though, and we spent about an hour moving boxes, loading the truck, and re-arranging what was left. I used every opportunity to stretch and bend...teasing the guys, and myself, into a frenzy. I knew that, by now, both knew that I was naked under my shorts. Both men took every chance to brush against me whenever they could, (purely innocent, I'm sure...) , and I did the same...accidentally brushing against Jay's big hard-on with my hand or with my ass as I moved past him. Not that I neglected Mark. I couldn't resist, when we were in the back of the locker, to reach into Mark's shorts and wrap my hand around his hard cock, stroking him a few times while hugging him close. I know that Jay saw me, for I'd waited until he'd moved close enough to see. When we were done packing up the truck, we invited Jay to join us at the house for a barbeque (and to help us unload...), and suggested he call Robin to join us after she got off work. Jay thought it was a great idea, and, said he'd stop at a pay phone and then meet us at the house. Mark just about attacked me after Jay pulled away and we got into the truck. His hands reached under my top for my tits, and I giggled and leaned back in the seat, letting him fondle and pinch. I reciprocated by reaching for his hard-again cock with my left hand.. I was getting pumped up, sitting in the parking lot of a busy storage yard, making out with my boyfriend. I felt him lift my top, exposing my tits to the world, and then drop his mouth to suck a nipple between his lips. As he dropped a hand to my lap...exploring for, and finding my naked pussy, I found the button of his shorts and quickly undid it, then pulled on his zipper tab until his naked, hard cock sprang into my hand. Two can play this game, I thought as I began to stroke his pole. Mark responded to my ministrations by biting my nipple...hard...and moaning into my tit. We continued to play in the truck cab till we heard the horn of a car. We both looked out the windshield to see two guys in a car in front of us waving and smiling. I made no attempt to cover up, but only smiled and waved back. Mark grinned sheepishly and moved back to his side of the cab, starting the truck and putting it into gear as the guys pulled away laughing. "God, Charlotte, you were so hot today! You're making me crazy!" I slid closer to him and regained my hold on his still exposed cock. "and only getting hotter, lover....the night is still young!" We both shared a laugh as we pulled out of the yard and headed for the highway home. I was still buzzing and continued to tease Mark all the way home. I stroked his cock, and leaned over to take him into my mouth....sucking him deep and bobbing up and down, but stopping well short of letting him come. I wanted his balls to be as full as they could be when that first load passed my lips. For now, I just wanted to tease him to the point of being as crazy as I felt! By the time we pulled into our driveway, he was pleading to come inside my mouth, but I held him back. I sat up until I noticed Jay's car in the drive, then decided to have just a little more cock...for Jay's viewing pleasure. As Mark parked the truck, I heard Jay's footsteps in the gravel...approaching the truck... I waited till they were right outside before releasing Mark's cock from my mouth. I pulled away slowly, letting a long strand of pre- come stretch, break and dangle from my lip as I turned to smile at our friend. His eyes were wide as I reached a finger up to collect the wet strand and suck it from my finger. "I can't believe you guys..." he said with a grin. "Don't you ever stop?" Mark put his cock back into his shorts as I adjusted my top. "But it's too much fun to stop, Jay..." I whispered as I got out of the truck. "But I think I'd better change clothes..." I said to Mark. "You guys are getting too worked up! " I turned towards the house amidst two vocal protests. As I reached the door, I turned and stood with one hand raised high on the door frame, giving both of them another look at my almost exposed tits. "You boys unload the truck while I put dinner together. Then we'll talk about unloading something else..." Both guys groaned and laughed and began to unstack the truck. As I watched them talking and laughing, a new plan formed in my mind. I reached a hand inside my shorts, marveling at how wet I'd gotten, and felt a shudder pass through me. I got some steaks from the fridge, put some potatoes in the oven and made a big salad. Robin would be here in an hour and a half, and I needed more of a buzz before we sat down for dinner. I looked out the window to see that the truck was almost empty, and turned for the bedroom. * * * * * I knew that Robin would be pretty dressed up when she arrived, because she also liked to strut her stuff as it were, so I'd decided to dress up a little as well. I looked inside my closet and chose a loose cotton white skirt that I knew was one of Mark's favorites. It was long enough to cover my knees, but buttoned up the front. With enough buttons undone, it showed my legs very well. And even though the day had been quite warm in town, the late afternoon chill of the mountain air made me decide to wear stockings as well. I chose an off white pair with matching garter belt, and felt another shudder of pleasure pass through me as I slid into them. And, although heels would have set the whole thing off, I opted instead for a pair of comfortable white sandals. Satisfied, I stood in front of the mirror and admired the look. I was still naked from the waist up, and my nipples were still hard and red from Mark's sucking. "Not bad..." I thought, turning to my closet for a top. I figured "what the hell" and picked up a loose fitting athletic shirt. Another thing I'd liberated from Mark. The ribbed cotton was very thin, almost transparent, and the scooped neck allowed the subtle rise of my breasts to show. There was nothing at all subtle about the sides of the shirt though. The deep arm holes were open almost to my waist, leaving my entire torso exposed if I were to lean forward at just the right angle! In fact, before I left to join the boys, I made sure to practice that forward lean till I perfected it. This was to be a night to remember! The heat inside me grew as I walked down the steps to the kitchen. Mark and Jay turned as one as I walked through the door and whistled in unison. I did a slow turn for them, feeling my nipples harden even more under their gaze. As I made them each a cocktail, I wallowed in the sense of power I felt. I walked up slowly to them and handed each his drink. "Dinner's almost ready, guys..." I panted in my best 'Marilyn' voice. "Looks like it's ready right now..." Jay stammered, his eyes dancing over my tits. I grinned at him and led the way to the pool area. I knew their eyes were following my ass as they walked close behind and the warmth inside me continued to grow. I knew they wouldn't put up with my teasing for much longer, which was okay, because I couldn't keep it up much longer. The "fever pitch" I referred to earlier had been reached. I desperately needed something more. I wasn't sure I could wait for Robin to get here or not... As it turned out, the decision was taken out of my hands... We sat beside the pool, drinking our cocktails and talking about the day, and the sunset and various other innocent things, but a strong undercurrent of pure sexuality was running strong between the lines. Things came to a head, so to speak, when Mark got up to refresh our drinks. I'd gotten a little buzz from the first one and had to play.... I stood up and stepped over in front of Jay, then leaned over to get a cigarette. I really don't smoke, but needed the opportunity. I knew Jay could see my entire chest from his seat, and turned to smile at him, keeping my arm outstretched. "You know you're driving me crazy..." Jay whispered, keeping his eyes on my naked tits. My smile grew wider and I held my pose... "I know..." I replied. "I could tell..." My eyes dropped to the growing bulge in his shorts and I licked my lips. Jay couldn't hold back any longer. His hand came up and slipped into the side of my shirt. I stayed in the same position, feeling another shiver as his hand cupped my breast. A long sigh escaped my lips as he fondled and pinched my nipple, then leaned forward to cup my other breast. I held his eyes with mine, my smile faltering a bit as I dropped my hand into his lap. He groaned as I wrapped my hand around his cock...squeezing him gently. "I like what your doing, Jay...your hand feels good...." I was still leaning over the table, leaning on one hand. I let his cock go and moved to the button of his shorts, popping it and then moving to his zipper. He let go a long sigh as I drew his zipper down, freeing his rock hard cock. It was drenched with pre-come and we both groaned again as I wrapped my hand around him, spreading his wet, slippery flow over his cockhead and down to his full balls, stroking his full length. I could see he was getting nervous. "Charlotte...I mean...Mark is going to..." His voice quivered with a mix of lustful excitement and worry that his best friend was going to "catch" him playing with his girlfriend. "Relax Jay..." I purred. "This should be quick..." I gave him a lusty smile and continued to stroke him, my hand moving quicker and faster. I knew that Mark was probably watching us already. After all, it doesn't take that long to make a few drinks. We'd talked about playing with Robin and Jay for years, it seemed, and they were always popping up in our role playing fantasies. I knew Mark could tell that my actions today meant that I was going to take a step further, and I also knew that he would be a willing partcipant... Jay's' breathing was coming in ragged gasps and he leaned back into his chair, giving me full rein to do what I wanted. I jerked him off faster, anxious now to relieve his pressure...and some of mine. His hips began to fuck upwards on each down stroke and I knew he was close. I was so hot I was shaking! I grinned down at his strained face and slowly squatted in front of him, not missing a beat with my stroking. The movement caused the front of my dress to open wide. He leaned forward and moaned at the sight of my stockings and garters and my naked pussy. "You're going to make me come..." he whispered, still thinking we were doing this secretly. "Yes I am..." I laughed, pushing him back into his seat. "Now watch me..." I leaned forward and opened my mouth, taking Jay's cock inside just as he released a huge spray of semen. I continued to take him deeper until he passed into my throat, filling my mouth and throat with cum. I pulled back then and let him continue to come until my mouth was so full I had to swallow. I continued to slide my mouth up and down his shaft as Jay shot load after load over my tongue. I was in heaven! The sweet taste of Jay's semen in my mouth, and the feel of his lurching cock between my lips made me shudder with a totally unassisted orgasm. THIS was what I'd worked for all day. THIS is what I'd been craving for too long! I swallowed again and again as Jay filled and re-filled my mouth, raising his hips off the chair and fucking my lips. I began to moan, amazed at how much hot semen Jay was giving to me! Mark was no slouch in that department, but this was like having a hose in my mouth! I loved it! Slowly though, his orgasm waned and he dropped back into his chair, panting and wheezing like a tobacco smoking runner. I looked up at him and proceeded to lick and clean every vestige of his orgasm from his still hard cock. "I hope your not finished, honey..." Mark's voice cut through the reverie like a knife! Jay almost jumped out of his skin, but then his eyes dropped to see Mark's hand wrapped around his own cock, and a huge grin on his face. He fell back and clutched his heart. "Christ! You guys are going to kill me!!" His laughing eyes belied his words though and a smile cracked the look of fear on his face. "I would hope it would be worth it, Jay..." I teased, a pout forming on my lips. Jay rolled his eyes and looked up at Mark with relief of his face. "I couldn't resist, buddy...I hope you're not upset..." It was obvious Mark wasn't upset, but he put Jay's fears to rest. "I'm too hot to be upset, brother...And you should know by now that I love to watch my girlfriend. I knew what would happen by the way she was teasing us all day... This is just your first experience with Charlotte's "mood". Lucky for you, I think!" Mark chuckled and moved behind me as I knelt in front of Jay. I was still stroking Jay's cock and looked up at Mark. He held his cock out to me like an offering. It was red and angry looking. Obviously he'd been stroking it as he watched me drink his friend's cum. "Is that for me?" I asked, innocently batting my eyes. "Careful" Mark groaned as I wrapped my hand around him. "It's cocked and loaded...it won't take much..." I grinned and leaned forward, intent on taking him deep into my mouth. Mark was right about "cocked and loaded" though, for I never had the chance. Obviously the excitement of watching me suck off our good friend was too much for him. As I opened my mouth for his throbbing cock, he exploded! I squealed as his hot, thick cum splashed against my face. A day of hot, heavy teasing had filled his balls to the same degree as Jay's and the resulting first blast left me covered with semen from my eyes to my chin, dripping wetly off my face and onto my cotton shirt. I laughed and opened my mouth further, leaning forward to take him inside...just long enough to satisfy my hunger. I was rewarded with a mouthful of cum, but remembering our guest, and clicking into "slut- mode" I pulled Mark's cock out of my mouth, and with my other hand, pulled my shirt up.....exposing my tits. Again I was rewarded with Mark's next blast splashing directly between my breasts. I couldn't stop laughing with the excitement as Mark unleashed wave after wave of thick ropy semen onto my tits and face. I knew I'd have to change clothes, but I was beyond caring. I leaned back and cupped my tits as Mark jerked himself off all over me. I almost swooned from excitement as I rubbed each fresh shot into my tits and face. I felt Jay's hand cup my mound and insert a finger into my pussy as a huge orgasm overwhelmed me. I let me thighs spread as wide as I could and he obliged by fingering me faster, pausing every few strokes to rub the palm of his hand over my clit. I worked my hips against his hand as wave after wave of pure lust washed over me I must have blacked out for a moment, and when I came back, I saw Mark standing over me...his cock still hard and red. He was stroking the last drops of cum from it and I leaned forward to salvage as much as I could. He pushed his cock deep into my throat as I swallowed the last of his seed. When we were through, I leaned back, exhausted, against Jay, resting my head between his knees. Mark collapsed in the chair beside us, but we were all taken by surprise by the voice coming from the kitchen. "So....Does this mean that dinner is canceled?" We all looked up to see Robin walking towards us... a radiant smile and a red flush on her face. Her fingers were busy at the buttons of her blouse, her blond hair flowing behind her. This is turning into quite a party I said to myself.... "Just a different menu!" I replied. laughing, as I got up to greet her.... That night was just the beginning of our long and 'sharing' relationship. I was very glad to find out that the two of them had been hoping to get together with us for quite a while, but they hadn't been certain about how we would react to the suggestion. It turned out that my desires had broken that last barrier, and that night became the first of many many 'barbeques' we shared. Perhaps, someday, I'll have the time to write down the details of some of our encounters...
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