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1 package ground beef (2.25lbs)

1/2 red onion chopped

1 package McCormick's chili seasoning (mild or hot)

1 package kraft mexican style four cheese blend

1 can bush's chili beans mild (27oz can)

1 package large burrito shells (mission)


1.  Brown ground beef, combining: meat, onion, and seasoning.  (add half seasoning pack while browning and remaining when meat is almost done)

2.  strainfat from meat.

3.  mix bush beans and ground beef together.  (Don't strain pour everything in pan.)

4.  arrange shells on flat clean surface.

5.  spoon to your liking, burrito filling on to the shells. (Don't over stuff shells will rip.)

6.  sprinkle cheese over stuffing.  (be generous)

7.  roll burritos.

To roll:  fold up sides of shell inward til sides are even no too far, now roll, starting from the smallest part of the shell.  Make sure you roll over the stuffing.  keep your form tight.  after you finish rolling and your burritos are on a plate, lightly sprinkle withwater to moisten the shell.

8.  place in microwave one min.




If you try and like please let me know.

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