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I entered a Contest for a VIP, Blast and/or FU-Bucks, being Hosted by: * lisasweet * The most Photo comments by on Feb 21st at 6 pm central, WINS Please click onto the Photo below and Leave some photo comments.
Thanks In advance for all the Help, David
Heya All Time Again My VIP Ran Out And Working Towards Getting Another One!! Lady Gray Is Offering Me One In A Give Away! :D For 10,000 Comments/Rates Combination (Rates Are 10 Points Each) Can You Help Me Get As Many Rates As Possible.. Faster That Way lol Here Is My Link Thank You SOOO Much For All Your Love And Time!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Plz Repost/Sticky


Can someone please tell me WHY I have ONLY 22 RATES on the contest that I am in, and I have: 95 FRIENDS 178 Fans 103 Fan of ??????????????????????????????????? OK, If I have upset folks, please let me know! This is NOT drama, I can promise you that... it's just a simple question!!! If you have an additional 20 seconds, please rate the photo below. Thank you, ------------------------------------- PS: Just rate the Photo -- NO COMMENTS!!!!
I was just asked by a friend to help out this Lady: So now, I'm asking you all to; Please click onto her photo & show her some LUV, too. Thanks!
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