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I know, it's not quite a week, sorry if you had something planned...go emo blog about it (it's the in thing to do).


What was meant as fun, as a jab at some of the sanctimony...has apparently upset the sensibilities of some to the extent that 'I can no longer respect you/like you' is actually being said. I do not like to be the perpetrator, or instigator, of crap like that...even when I know it's the result of blind obeisance and just a smidgen of insecurity.


Regardless, I'm too fucking lazy to perpetuate drama, too wise to try and teach a baboon quantum physics, and too damn shallow to really give a fuck about the aforementioned sensibilities.


Moving on to the important part - prizegiving and such like (cuz you were all whores, right? 'swhy you took part...uh huh...)- basically, erm, if ya want an HH, you got one...if you don't...well talk to me and we'll figure something out (except for you Helly, someone has to hold my hand when I use mine, so you're tagged...Liverjuice copped out that wanker...and I've already walked naked through traffic, so yeah, no choices lady).


I would like to point out that the people that participated, are examples of why I love to be in the MuMMs sometimes (pshaw I am not a MuMMer, or mummer, my life is a little too extensive to label myself thusly) (yes I do speak pretentiously sometimes...cuz I can motherfuckers, cuz I can). They're creative, intelligent, able to poke fun at others...AND THEMSELVES.


Quit taking life on the interwebz so fucking seriously. That is all.



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