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You know they say the past is just that... the past...  But what if there is a chance that the past may not have been a mistake and maybe, just maybe, the one from your past could be your future... Well I’m here to say that I’ve had a recent change of heart... I’ve always believed that the past should be left there but recently started talking to someone from my past that seems to have done a complete and total 180... He's so much sweeter, kinder, and more mature than he use to be and I really don't know what to think or how to act... Talking to him these past couple of days has really brought to light these feelings that I thought were long gone.  He was always the one who made me feel the most and I really and truly thought he was the one... But then the inevitable happened and he broke my heart... But that was years ago and I see a side of him now that I didn't see before.... So what's the advice?  Do I give old love a chance or leave it in the past where the world thinks it should be?


So I'm in this contest... To see who gets the most comments... and i'm already behind... so i need all you wonderful cherries out there to help me out. Go to the link below and bomb my pic and i'll perv your page if you help me out. Lots of love!! Here's the link. http://cherrytap.com/viewimage.php?u=339024&albumid=194050&i=4018307910
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