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Many years ago, well more than 60 years ago, my fraternal grandmother immigrated to the United States, southeast Louisiana specifically.

She was looking for a new life, the American dream, for herself and her kids.

She immigrated from a bad marriage in Mexico.

It’s my understanding that the borders back then were more open. 

It was a different time, before overpopulation worries and 911 attacks, when the world could afford to be a little more innocent.


Times are different now.

Illegal aliens are running rampant through the state of Texas.

There are currently an estimated 22,128,460 illegals in the United States and that number is growing at a rate of an additional 6 illegals per minute.

The current Presidential administration seems to be willing to turn a blind eye to this.


Now the threat of illegals is bigger than the occasional Al-Quida that might try to blend in with the illegals.

Now we are facing the threat of SWINE FLU.


There is a serious danger of an illegal alien, already infected, spreading swine flu into any state he or she crosses. 

Schools, hospitals, stores.  The possibilities are endless.


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