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Because my husband never set foot on Vietnam soil while in Vietnam, Congress and the VA state he does not qualify to receive compensation for Agent Orange exposure ... what a bunch of dummies lead our country and how poorly they treat our Vietnam vets ... still.

My husband served for almost a year in the Gulf of Tonkin aboard the USS America.  During that time he drank contaminated water, bathed in contaminated water and ate food that was boiled in contaminated water that went through the desalinsaination process from the gulf water.

Jets who returned from combat missions who were splattered with the spray of of Agent Orange landed on board the carrier and were washed off using ship board water exposing the entire flight deck with AO.

The rivers that were spray with millions of gallons of AO flowed into the Gulf of Tonkin creating a soup effect in the gulf.  Which they drank, ate and bathed from. 

According to the VA a presumptive disease of AO exposure is Ischemic Heart Disease.  My husband had a heart attack 7 years ago followed by arterial bypass surgery immediately afterward.  Twenty months ago he had a brain stem stroke and died while in ER.  He is still recooperating from the ill effects of the stroke.

He has written a letter to the editor of one paper but is going to be writing congress and more papers on the wrong doing the VA is doing on the Blue Water Navy sailors who were just as much exposed to Agent Orange as were the "boots on the ground" sailors.

Would sure like to hear from other Blue Water Navy vets who are fighting congress and the VA over this.

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