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cavewoman's blog: "confusion"

created on 04/11/2008  |  http://fubar.com/confusion/b206472
There is one guy in my life...well I should say in and out of my life. He drives me crazy! I just recently moved back to my home town and I got asked out tonight...I know I shouldn't care what he thinks but I do. He delets all my photo comments and maybe I should just give up on him for good. I am going out with the person who asked me tonight and I will probably compare him to the end...maybe I just shouldn't care about him anymore. He recently told me things that I dont think anyone else knows, does that make me special in some way??? He has a gf right now and always does I think he is toying with my heart. I dont think he cares for me at all maybe I am right...:(
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13 years ago
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