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ill save the schpeal wolf had cause  well i cant be assed to type it all out or copy and paste

1.) i lost my virginity when i was 4 because my brothers best friend thought i would make a nice sex toy

2.) for the longest time i thought that sex was the only way to know if someone loved you until i turned 15 and  the guy i dated broke up with me the day after he had his way with me

3.) i regret my marriage but not the angels who were spawned from it

4.) i do not joke when i say i have psychic tendancies  ever since i can remember i have been able to see the deaths of people in my family it has progressed to include exact details of my daughters conception to birth i knew what she would look like two years before she was even concieved

5.) on occasion i have horrid night terrors

6.) i have a reaccouring night mare of me being 3 inches tall and everyone else being full sized and being stepped on by everyone

7.) when i get in a car i have visions of being in a fatal car accident while im behind the wheel .i dont know if it makes me more cautious or more dangerous but i have never been the driver in an accident

8.) i scream alot ..it seems the only way i get heard

9.) im terrified of spiders big or smalli will freak out and find something to kill it with

10.) im scared to death to be alone in a house at night with out my dog due to having someone break in to my home and we are working on sign commands to teach her to respond to incase im home and someone tries to break in ive been working on teaching her to knock them down and sit on them if she doesnt know them and we arent around

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