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gizmo36117's blog: "Concert"

created on 04/03/2008  |  http://fubar.com/concert/b204156

You know, I am not much of a person to listen to this kind of music, but just happen to listen to 1 song of theirs and fell right in love. I finally get to go see them in person. It is something about the "Celtic Woman" that just draws you to them. I am more of your, 5 Finger Death Punch kinda of music guy but what aww the "Celtic Woman" have. Tickets were expensive but they will be worth it. Just can't wait till April 14. Songs I would recommend if you ever want to listen to them is from CD, "Songs from the Heart"


Damn, I cannot wait till May 9 as Disturbed along with Five Finger Death Punch comes to Birmingham. Really wish 5 finger would create an album or something. Only place I can listen to them is either internet or on XM. Favorite song so far is "The Bleeding" just don't like the long intro into it.
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