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So.. You wanna learn to Comment Tagg Like Me. I will not go into too much detail, but if you use this tutorial it should help you make better Comments (Taggs) on peoples pages. First understand, Fubar ONLY allows 2000 Characters when you are "Tagging" someones page. This Tutorial will explain how to "Hack" the code that you C&P from comment pages. Doing this allows you to post way more pix then you normally be able to post. The Easiest way to comment on someones page is to first open Notepad : go to START Run Type In "Notepad" (with out the quotes) & hit Enter. Now you should have a blank page from Notepad. 1.) In Notepad type the following & copy & paste it about 10 times so notepad looks like this *Note - the Center code is only there 1 time. This will make everything centered in the comment box. This is not needed but looks way better : <center>
<img src="
<img src="
<img src="
**The spaces between the img. code is there on purpose to seperate each comment AGAIN LOOKS Better.**
2.) Go to your favorite comment page & copy some code but paste it into notepage **Simple keyboard copy & paste Commands** (please note most pages "Auto" copy the code when you click in the field) Control+C = Copy
Control+V = Paste
3.) Paste the code into note pad. now you should see your code :
<a href="http://www.sexiluv.com/" ><img src="http://off1.nearbyhome.com/images/sluv/humpday/humpdayChestGuyGoldText.gif" border=0></a><br><a href="http://www.sexiluv.com/" >Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m</a><br> 3.) Now since the object is to ONLY put the picture in the persons comments we will "Hack" this comment to only display what we want :
<img src="http://off1.nearbyhome.com/images/sluv/humpday/humpdayChestGuyGoldText.gif">
<img src="
<img src="
4.) If You want to put lettering in your comment & through out the comment then add the lettering code first, then the image code. This will make all the lettering through out the comment the Same Size & Color : <center><font size=5><b><font color=00ff00> Happy Humpday!!! <img src="http://off1.nearbyhome.com/images/sluv/humpday/humpdayChestGuyGoldText.gif"> <img src=" <img src=" Pasting This : <center><font size=8><b><font color=9900ff> Happy Humpday!!! <img src="http://off1.nearbyhome.com/images/sluv/humpday/humpdayChestGuyGoldText.gif"> Will Look Like This :
Happy Humpday!!!
5.) As Mentioned earlier Fubar only allows 2000 characters in a comment, When you do too many pictures Fubar will give you an error about too many characters. Just delete some of the picture URL's in Notepad & paste the code again. Repeat this process till your Tagg shows. Usually you can paste between 20-25 Pictures WITH NO FONT CODE Added.
**Notice when I tagg your page, there are no Links to clik on in my pictures? - Wonder How I am able to make such Kick Ass Comments?** - ** Now You know Why ** Enjoy...=0) P.S. - If you read this, PLEASE RATE IT. ****** When Your Good Enough.. You Can Tagg Like This : *****
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