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First the guy…. The truth is it hurts, no matter how hard I try Baby I must leave you I now must say goodbye I never meant to hurt you, I love u so very much And I know while I’m gone I will miss you a bunch But I told you it was coming, I’m finally letting go It’s something I must do, but babe I love you so Just try to stay strong, I know time will be tough And I hope the love I’ve given u will truly be enough I’ve tried so hard and I tried because of you But the truth is it hurts, my life is finally through I hope you can love without me, just think of me every night Before you go to bed while someone else is holding you tight don’t ever forget me or the times that we’ve shared And no matter when you need me, I will always be there So goodbye for now, sorry I’m not coming home to you And please remember, we will never be truly through Then the girl…. Baby I did my best, I tried so very hard But I cant live without you, I’ve spent every night at the bar You know I’m sorry for this, but I’ve tried to stay strong Baby I love you, I can’t live without u for this long The times were really rough just as you said And every night I’ve heard you saying I love u repeats in my head Baby you know the love you gave me will always be enough But without you by my side life is way to tough And baby, everything is going to be ok now, know this much is true Because baby tonight I’m coming home to you
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14 years ago
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