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MaNcHiLd77's blog: "Comin' Home!!!!"

created on 11/24/2007  |  http://fubar.com/comin-home/b158801
I wish I could tell you when, but I can't..... so let me just say after being in Iraq for almost 15 months, VERY SOON, I'll be home drinkin the beeers and relaxing 24/7......untill I have to go back to work. I want to say thanks to everyone that supported me and sent me the cool gifts. Also I want to thank all those that helped keep my spirits up while I was here. I love you all....Yeah even you!!!!! I can't wait untill my message, becuase it will be from my HOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Pray to your deity of choice that I make it home safe.
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13 years ago
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