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unfortunately, the show in mattoon is cancelled.....please contact me if you know of a place in mattoon that would be a better venue for a comedy show there and I'll contact them myself....I was not the organizer for this thing, thats all I am going to say about it.
If you were thinking about going to the show in mattoon, you need to call the bar and reserve tickets or go buy tickets now...if the show doesn't sell its not happening Tim
The show in mattoon has been moved forward one week....we will have the same people ....same time...same place...just may 10th instead of may 17th.....hope to see ya'll come out and have fun! Tim
Show date is confirmed for May 17th @ Jeleniz Martini bar 1414 broadway ave, Mattoon Il. ph 217-235-6789 Showtime: 8:30P Tickets $7 in advance $8 at the door Lineup: MC/Host: Otto Feature: Tim Bone (BONER!!) Headliner: Paul Frisbee (national headliner featured on Bob and Tom show) Hope to get to meet some of you at after the show...come out and have some fun with the Bones!
As of right now I will be featuring for Paul Frisbee who I have worked with numerous times in the past...he is hillarious, and has been on the BOB and TOM show. we will be in Mattoon, IL Saturday May, 17th...at JeLeNiz Martini Bar...we are looking at doing 2 shows that night and as far as I know it is a done deal...the show will be MC'd by my good friend Otto from Indianapolis. I'll update as soon as I know more....you can also link up to me on myspace under bonebomb or on yahoo instant messenger under thebone369 and send me a request to be put on my comedy friends list. Tim
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