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This is Kenny, Mrkaramel, slimlover604, love2give604,somegoodgoodlovin604 KENLOC out of Dayton, OHIO Come Check Me out At: www.myspace.com/kenlockennyjamesthegemini and www.myspace.com/kenloc604 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- And the wait iz over it's finally here 'The New Rok - Da' - Spot' with songs now at: www.myspace.com/rokdaspot ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- My Queen Purpose has a Poetry Spot called Vibez & Visionz Go check her out At: www.myspace.com/vibezandvisionz ANd www.myspace.com/queenpurposemusic Also www.walk2purpose.com or www.againstdagrainmusic.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Cuz Tim Woodz has a sopt on here with hot ass beats and recording time (schedrule only) (No walk-ins at this point).........Che him out at: www.myspace.com/WoodzStockProductions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out The Big Homie Rhymenman At: www.myspace.com/rhymenman He doin' his thang! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --- Yo! to the Niggahz Who like sexiness at it's best and the ladies too, Check out Sexxy T's Modeling page, Get at her at: www.myspace.com/somethinglikeamodelchk ------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Muthafuckin' Makin' Money, Takin' Money niggahz the DaytonBoyz is on it check'em out at: www.myspace.com/daytonboyzmusic and www.daytonboyzmusic.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah you can checkout the Stilljumpin' Camp too At: www.myspace.com/tilljumpinrecords or www.myspace.com/stilljumpiallstars And www.stilljumpinrecordz.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Checkout the beat-maker Vertigo At: www.myspace.com/veeteezee -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALSO VISIT ya' boi NYKE AT: www.myspace.com/nyke ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRIEND REQUEST AND VISIT: __________________________________________ -Mr. Kenloc___________-Kenny
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