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Close those moist eyes of yours submissively,

As I lower my painted mouth to yours,

Open those milky thighs, permissively,

Let us sweetly kiss, with widening jaws,

Thrill me again with that exquisite tongue,

As it lovingly slithers against mine,

When your lacy bodice, becomes unstrung,

Till clothing, your breasts no longer confine.

With my hand cupped upon your heaving breast,

And my passionate mouth still glued to yours,

As I titillate, that hardening crest,

For breath, from our French kissing we must pause,

Arch your fragile neck, towards my warm mouth,

As my questing kisses, lightly travel,

Downward from your flushed face, to places south,

To find those treasures, below your navel.

For a while, will pause my sensual passage,

Upon the rising foothills of your breasts,

Exploring the deepness of your cleavage,

And tongue, puckered peaks teasingly molests,

Wrap you slender arms around me, so tight,

Till my impassioned kisses, are all done.

And I’ll take you to that orgasmic height,

And once again our souls will seem as one

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