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Texas Belle's blog: "Cleaning House"

created on 04/20/2007  |
I'm pretty sure I'm having a visitor, nothing written in stone yet, and no definite time frame, ETA is in about 3 weeks, give or take. My heart is hopeful for an early arrival, and yes, I am ultra excited. I have missed him..... I'm trying to get my house together and do some necessary closet cleaning and rearranging to make room. I am determined to curb my packrat nature and get rid of stuff I REALLY don't need, I already have space issues, and keeping junk is just not an option anymore. I'm also scrubbing kitchen cabinets and cleaning out the pantry of all the lil snippets of things you collect when you cook for one, and swear you will use up later, but never do. Taking ceiling fans apart and cleaning the glass and the blades, what a pain in the ass. Fitting all this in with work has been a challenge, because I have generally been working on my scheduled days off, and trying to do double shifts on the weekend to get caught up and actually get ahead on some bills in anticipation of high summer electric bills. It REALLY gets hot here, and trying to go without A/C just isn't an option. I am so grateful for my next door neighbors, Christy and Julio, he always mows the yard and asks for nothing in return. They look after my place when I am gone (which has been a real concern) and in exchange for me not bitching about having to listen to their chickens at 4:30 am, I am rewarded with fresh eggs to cook with. Good neighbors are hard to find, especially today when nobody cares about anyone else. When I bake I always see that they get a share..... and always look after their pup when they are not around, he tends to get tangled up, and I rescue him so he can play, lol. My house will soon be all ready, with a freshly organized and swept garage, and newly scrubbed everything else.... I want to have things done so I can relax a bit and enjoy my visitor.... show him around this place I call home, and hope he can see the same charm in it that I do, and won't pay so much attention to the heat and the mosquitoes, lol. It's nothing fancy here for sure, but I do love this little house near the bay, and the little town where I live..... life is slower paced and I can catch my breath, so to speak, emotionally. I actually enjoy my quiet time, me and the girl pup, with a good glass of tea, sitting on the porch and watching the squirrels play, they honestly entertain me. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.... and if you venture out to eat, don't forget to tip your waitress! xoxox Belle
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