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created on 03/29/2010  |  http://fubar.com/huhwot/b330854  |  9 followers

Ok, if you don't know what I'm talking about, find the original blog...if you do know what I'm talking about, you're about to become confused as I am...basically I'm hoping you get a headache from all the purty colours...name next to gift means that person has indicated interest (does not mean gift is off the cards for everyone else...although it may do in some cases)


I should've gotten on to this earlier, so please start sending me your addresses now (NB: if you think you've sent it to me before, please send it again, I'll pay attention this time).



Greenstone – Peacey - need address

Lavender Jade – Jasmine (with candy - JAFFAS)

Card – Joey - need address

Ice-cream/Anti-Jasmine Salutes – Robert

Book – Mb, Helly

Bath Salts/lotions - Sproet & Her Bish, Rio, Helly, LilTease

Jewellery-making stuffs – Sproet & her Bish

Chocolate stuff – LilTease

Bone pendant – Suga (with candy - Pinky Bars)

Lock of Poodle Hair – Dud

Cow Mug – Witchie (unilateral decision on my part - currently out of stock, btw pie, you have been volunteered for a replacement)

Rimu Egg Cupboard

Experimental hair products & Accessories

Real Silver Fern - Liverjuice

Shiny stuff - Boops

Homemade herbal infused vinegars/oils

Knick-knacks & crap

Translation - Kiwi to English phrasebook - Helly, Boops, anybody else that regularly scratches their head at things I say (currently out of stock the fuckers)

Dictionary - Helly, Jasmine, anybody else that regularly scratches their head at things I say

Pinky Bars, Crunchies, Jaffas, Pineapple Lumps (this is the 'candy' you foreign bastids) - MB, Jas, Suga, LilTease

Boxes wot are made with seashells and stuffs - Helly (unilateral decision on my part)


Picture of my silver fern

Picture of the part of my back garden wot most closely resembles helly's LOUNGE (already given – she is an ungrateful moo)

Personalised laundry-pile salute - customised to your preferences as to height, clean/dirty, towels/sheets...hell I'll even separate the whites for the racist pricks

10 mins of me telling someone what you think but pretending it's what I think, put in my own inimitable style

Audio recording of me telling someone to go fuck themselves

Picture of my mum being introduced to the spelling abilities in an average Fubar MuMM

Follow-up picture of my mum being led away forcibly as she tries to correct all the spelling at once

Side by side photoshop of my mum and Hellyion so you can decide for yourselves whether they look alike



Lucky star whatsits that are gonna make her fingers hurt – Me

Hellokitty...things – Me, Helly, Boops if you have any left or I may kindly trade with you tho' it will break my heart (Smile Helly, SMILE)



Clowns & spider pictures – Jasmine



Feather – me

Music - me

Bridge photo(s) – Helly

Sunset photo - Boops

Tulip Festival photo


Wooden sun mirror



Stick figure kama sutra pamphlet & topless salute from crazy female drunk person that is not RoK – me + photocopy for Boops

Dirty water dog aka hot dog from street cart vendor.

Naked Cowboy's underwear.

Roasted nuts from the street vendors

a 'special' gift from The Pink Pussycat.

Subway token, pic of dog poop

part of my future living quarters, aka card board box.


Sproet & Bish

Feather – me


Reeces Chocs etc

Beer chugging video(s)



Stones & treehuggers to throw them at

Mix-tape - Crazylips



Middle-aged Florida woman (I didn’t know Helly had moved)



Jersey Shore memento

Cheesesteak (not expected to arrive in good condition)


Maple Syrup - MB

Sopranos DVD - Mike 

Cow Mug Salute - Witchie 

Cat Attack Salute - Jasmine (close up of severed testicle optional extra)


Eagle feather – me



Card – me



Chocolate Letters

Engraved Heineken glasses (crap beer and she'll probably spell it wrong, but hey)  - MB (m o n k e y b u t t - note that down Helly)

375g box of Ferrero Rocher…full of empty wrappers and a handwritten apology

Autographed granny-panties - Boops (she needs a tent for next summer)

Used-up bra (perfect catapult for water balloons of a larger variety)

Salted licorice...because some people really ARE that weird


Lock of poodle hair – me



Handmade dolphin

Tie-dyed t-shirt (adult size, cuz Jas is a snob who won't admit she could fit into the 5yo one)


Mike (offer made on his behalf)

Shut up 'til Easter – everybody

Foot Salute – Crazylips


Snacks – somebody else so my butt doesn't get any bigger



ball of cat fur, found under my bed

ball of cat fur, found near a baseboard

snow (might melt by the time you get it)

candles - Helly (why do I foresee another vinegar incident?)

smelly girl stuff

snow angel salute - me!!!

an old beer tshirt

leftover halloween candy nobody in her house eats

whatever I think of

a gif urine salute to any individual of whomevers liking - Me

gif feces flushing salute addressed to whomever

and clippings of both my facial and genital pubes signed, sealed, and framed (the pubes will be separated so you may guess all you like to which came from where on me) - Helly

Feel free to add interest/offers etc, I'll just update this one as I go...cuz this is hurting my head.

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