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Daddy's Little Girl/Heavenly Tears A Woman's Sorrow/A Little Girls Loss/Heavenly Tears I am the Father that saves every tear that you cry, you mean that much to Me! As I look through this huge window out into the meadow and the forest of the East Texas Landscape I have so much to be thankful for. Yet the tears are falling somewhere out there. Somewhere out there a little girl is crying, that has never really found the love that only a loving father can give. Somewhere out there a young girl is crying, that has never really found the love that only a loving father can give. Somewhere out there a girl in her teens is crying, that has never really found the love that only a loving father can give. Somewhere out there a young woman is crying, that has never really found the love that only a loving father can give. Somewhere out there a lonely woman is crying, that has never really found the love that only a loving father can give. Somewhere out there an older woman is crying, that has never really found the love that only a loving father can give. The age may be different, but the heart cry is the same. Love me, hold me, tell me it is going to be alright. Tell me, That I am going to be safe here. Let me know a little bit everyday that I am accepted, with a deep affectionate love that only a real father's love can give, I need that today so much. And daddy if I can get just a little bit of my fathers love and attention everyday, it builds up and becomes a foundation for my character. That fatherly love will even have a bearing on my choices in life. Tell me, that I am loved, and that there is nothing that you would not do for me to make sure that I know that you love me. I really need that daddy. I need to know that I am the one that you take great pride in, and that you anticipated the day of my arrival as one of the greatest days of your life. I may need your undivided attention from time to time, because I have never traveled this way before, and I want you to hold my hand, even in public. If you do this when I am young, when I am older I will not depart from the power of a gentle hand that loves me. I may, from time to time want to have a tea party, or even a little doll house maintenance, this is one of those special needs for me daddy. There may be a lesson I need in tree climbing, a little different I know, but you are the one that can lift me up higher than I can go, and I feel safer when I know you are there in case I fall. That way I get to experience, going beyond my everyday normal life to reaching up to another level, but with the safety net of love so near me. It is so great for me to experience these things in safety. Daddy I love to laugh and have fun, and I love for you to laugh and have fun with me, and the surprise hugs never fail to get my attention, and is one of the best things in my life. Daddy when you sense that something is not just right please be gentle and request some special time from me, even if I seem distracted, don't ever give up on me, I really need to know that you would never give up on me. I need to know that I can always count on you to grant me the time and acceptance to return from where ever I have been. Sometimes I may need just a little something to get my mind off of my failure or personal hurt, the price is not the object, the attention from my father is what want more than anything. When I have begun to step out a little more than I should in life, please make sure that you are there so that the questions that are missing are answered by the experience of loves wisdom that is insured in a fathers love, even if you have to carry me for little awhile. When even after years have gone by and a little girl has become a woman, the fathers place in the heart of a little girl never moves or disappears from the life of a woman. This fathers place can be closed and even locked up for years, but it is still there. This fathers place may have even been damaged by abuse and neglect. This fathers place in the heart of a woman can be misused and even misrepresented. This special place that is intended only for a fathers love can be blown about by the darkness in life's journey. This place in the heart of a woman that was placed there by the Master of Love and Hope can be substituted for a false love, and attempt after attempt to replace it with inordinate affection and decisions that harm and cause a deeper bondage, and the tears fall. Daddy where are you, daddy please come and get me.. No matter what you are doing please come and get me, hold me and make it all right, even for just a little while, the love I need must come from you.. Please come for me now. I long for you to hold my hand daddy, I thought that it was a new relationship that I needed, but I was beaten and abused for no reason, I gave all of me in every way possible, but I was abused anyway. And now I find no peace or joy for my soul. Please come for me quickly, I feel the darkness closing in on me, and its cold, so very cold. I tried to get the answer from the best that the world has to offer, yet I stand here so empty and worthlessly robbed of my innocence and given lie after lie as I so openly sought true and real love, I am in need of your confidence in me daddy, just to tell me that it is going to be alright, that I can and will find comfort and healing, and that you still love me. Please Come, You Must Come! Years and time never erases the need for a fathers love, in fact there are way to many wonderful girls that have grown up into little girls of all ages, that still long for a fathers love. Some have not ever really known a fathers love. Some have not realized that it was a fathers love that was missing all along. Because it can never be replaced by anything else. No matter how much and how hard we try. Some beautiful little girl no matter what her age is, right now somewhere, feels unlovely, and unwanted, unheard and even abandoned, Oh she may be surrounded by many people, and bustling about with a day full of attention giving to every ones needs. But she has secrets that hurt and she may be loved, but is never or very seldom ever told. She may be locked up in a prison of her own making, but still even in bondage, a heart calls out for a fathers love and she cries. Her thoughts run wild of the father of her child, but not a word of comfort for he is no longer near, so another little girl sheds a tear and awaits a fathers love. As she sits alone at the kitchen table, just her and a cup of coffee her thoughts are not on the day she faces, she is miles and years away thinking of that day, when, just for a moment, she thought that this must be a fathers love but to her horror, she realized that this is not right, this is ugly and dirty and you have no right to do this. You are my father! So she Cries, the deep inside cry of being thrown away, that can only come from a woman in need of a fathers love. Never able to out run the darkness that is a constant companion, she searches her soul to try and find and remove that part of her that caused such a gross misuse of a fathers love. Still burdened and bound by the lie that she was at fault. Would someone please tell her that was not a fathers love. This was not her fault and that the one that was entrusted with her life is at fault. So she cries, in need of a fathers love. The little girl in her cries and may not even no what is lacking, thinking that things can solve this great emptiness of soul and heart. In vain the men come and go, the career is successful but is sorely lacking something. The crowd of friends are loud and plentiful but not totally satisfying something is still missing, where are you daddy, where are you. The world is full of false facades that masquerade as life, so she selects one that suits her need to be loved and lives there for awhile. Even the little church down the street at first brought some relief. But a fathers love was not to be found, just the passing of time and the plate of offering, but no fathers love. She realizing that it must be me I am the one that is waging this battle quest for something that I do not have. So she cries into and on the pages of hundreds of self help books. And lost love letters that never came. She cries out for a fathers love. One day as she was in travel thought, she came upon this city called Boredom in Loss state of mind, and just in side the city limits, she was able to see through the darkness just enough to see the street sign. She was standing on the corner of confusion and regret. As trying to decide in which direction to travel she caught a glimpse of the only piece of light in the whole city, though intrigued by the seemingly happy sounds in the darkness just ahead, she realized, that could wait, as she had gone there many times before, her heart wanted to see what the light was all about. As she grew closer she saw this book at the foot of a tree and a light that was coming from it. The light went right straight up from the book and into the tree. As she gazed up into the tree, she saw this little girl crying and calling out for her fathers love. She needed help it seemed. Then all of a sudden there were more little girls, hundreds, even thousands, into the millions it seemed the tree was full of little girls. How was this possible? Then this man with white hair that glowed like silver was standing under the tree. She some how knew that there was no reason to fear, He held out His hand for her, and with out even thinking she took the hand of the Father. She ask the Man called Father, what is this place and what does it mean. This Man called Father looked up into the tree and pointed, and then knelled down and with the voice of total loving peace and serenity said, my daughter these are all my daughters, and this is the tree of Love. It takes a long time for some and not so long for others to find, but all will at least have a glimpse and whoever chooses to stay in this tree of love may do so. The little girl said, but all this stuff that I have carried with me is heavy and I cannot climb up in to the tree by my self. This Man called Father, spoke again, that is what I do, I help you climb into the tree. The little girl said, the tree is so tall how could you ever do that? This Man called Father answered once again, His eyes full of tears and love that seemed directed only toward the little girl, said this can only be done with a Fathers Love. I can take the heavy bag that is all tied up in knots and put it away and the climb with my help will not only be easy but also light. She had a Glorious day in the presence of the Fathers love. And after meeting the most wonderful Spirit of Love. The father introduced her to her brother that she had never known, He also had the Fathers Love. Once she came down from a day of tree climbing the dark city was gone and now the City of Love and Light is where she lives with her father. And what of the Book that was at the foot of the tree? Well it is still there for all little girls to find and open at any time to see where it is written, That, Man shall leave his father, but it is not said that the daughter shall leave the father. Why? Because the daughter cannot be a father, but must have a life long fathers love and a Fathers devotion. In order to be a Fathers daughter, and a Fathers mother the little girl must have a Fathers Love and this is how she has a fathers love, a Father gives it to the daughter with out reservation, the daughter is most cherished by the Father, and the Father has great need to be loved by the daughter and to give a daughter a Fathers love. In this way the daughter can also share a Fathers Love to a little girl. And she also found where it is written. I am the Father that saves every tear that you cry, you mean that much to Me! I was a Father to the poor A Father to the fatherless A Father that has great pity A Father of great instruction The Everlasting Father The Father in Heaven The one and only Father The Father of love The Father of mercy and grace The Father of eternal life The Father of Lights, and so much more, more numerous to mention in this short note. But more importantly the little girl found that this person called Father was, The father of the only begotten Son Of God. The Farther God is God. You too can find the tree of love, and the book laying at the foot of the tree. And there you can have the fathers love in abundance, and can only be found in a Fathers (fathers) Love. To all little girls of every age, and all daughters of the Father, no greater Love is there than that of a Father for his little girl. Fathers, where are your daughters today, it is never to late to show or give a fathers love, it is even all right to fall all over your self if this is new to you, go ahead and fall the little girl that you are falling for will lift you back up. Little Girls Of Every Age All Over The World I Love You With A Fathers Love The Warrior Poet --- Daniel And Tina St.Ama Our House Ministry
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