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The usage rate of LED car bulb in China is less than 1%, which have a greater gap compared with New Zealand and other countries whose usage rate reaches to 30%.

The main obstacle in China LED lighting market is cost. LED chip production technology is difficult, the threshold is high, the temperature, humidity and power supply for the raising process if crystallization is very strict, the initial need to invest heavily to build factories.

Currently, Taiwan is the main source of LED chips, which occupies 47% in the LED market, while LED industries in mainland China is more for the resin package processing, LED chips requires a lot of imports, which is a major cause of high cost; the other is that the domestic auto industry manufacturer and consumers are lack of awareness of LED auto bulb, who are used to making comparison of cost between LED auto bulb and traditional lights, which impact on the rapid pace of LED auto bulb industry.

Dongguan Dingju LED auto bulb is a professional manufacturer for LED auto light with 10 years’ experience. Welcome to contact with us is you are interested in our products.

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With the increasing pressure of energy saving, the government has initiated various support policies and measures on LED light for car industry before and after 2007. So far, there are more than thirty manufacturers who are with the scale of the upstream chip enterprises who take package products as main are concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, its production capacity has occupied 60% of that in the world; downstream end application product is more substantial, estimating that only in the Shenzhen have nearly 3,000 enterprises  of LED car bulb packages and applications.


2011, with the further support of the government policies, LED car bulb companies are now shown a blustery, persistent and strong momentum. In recently two years, there are as many as 50 so-called establishments of national and global “best” of optoelectronics industry parks, even some third and fourth level of the counties and cities have claimed to create the world’s largest Photoelectric Industrial Park.


We can’t predict the destiny of the so-called “largest” corporate after 5years and fear that the result of this herd will be littered with felled. Fierce price competition will not only form a huge waste of human, material, resources and land in the end. However, the ultimate winners from a pool of blood in blaze will be easily grabbed by the giant international lighting or international capital.


We call for industry hero to dream of a “miracle”, but these dreams have to established based on the sense of quality and attention to personnel training. Enterprises without brand awareness will be not long-term wherever they go.


Companies who do brand, quality and reputation will go further in the LED light for car industry.


This T10 BA9S SMD turning light is designed according to the client's different requirement. It is more brightness than led signal light, five side, 360 degrees emitting angel and well-distributed.


1: Type: T10

2: Socket: BA15S

3: LED quantity: 9 LEDS

4: LED Specification: 5050 SMD

5: Color: red, yellow, green, blue, white, amber etc, all colors are available

6: Voltage working range: 12VDC / 24VDC

Moreover, this T10 BA9S SMD turning light can directly replace the original T10 socket, 5pcs smd and 13pcs smd are available for this design.

1: Packaging of LED light bulb is rough, imprinting is not clear, no industry name, no address, no telephone and no standards of implementation

2: Appearance of the LED light bulb is dirty, black filament and twisted, the holder of the lamp is rust and dull, clear tilt head, crooked shoulders and crooked pin, lamp holder without typing or only with specifications but no grades number.

3: Low mechanical strength, blister thin, fragile, head thin, feet and skin of the LED light bulb are sinking pressed by nail.

4: Most of optical parameters are unqualif

If you have not heard about the new varieties of car light, please make depth understanding of them. Don’t purchase products like the “vacuum halogen bulb”, it is pure fake.


Be clear what’s the light bulbs used for and whether it is car light bulb, which parts is the car light used to. Please be careful about it.


Is the car “search light” a member of the auto headlights?

Car “search light” is irradiation distance, a special optical design, high efficiency reflector and strong condensing. The irradiation distance can be up to 1200meters. Car search light can be widely used in railway, electric power, public security, steel, petrochemical, car light, patrol vehicles and so on. In recent years, car search light has been openly applied in many cars and agricultural machinery parts for its advantages of strong condenser and irradiation distance.


As the search light glares so strongly that seriously impact on the safety of driving at night, so we must stop using it. The standard headlamp light is a national promotion dimming light bulbs, including R2 and H4 fog light series, whose illumination values and dimming performance can meet the requirements of driving safety.


Does “vacuum halogen bulb” exist?


The “vacuum halogen bulb” appeared in some auto parts market is actually a “vacuum bulb”. Vacuum lamp bulb is the simplest making procession in light family, which is life shorter and luminous flux lower compared with the inflatable bulb.


Speculators take advantages of the less understanding for light bulbs of the consumers to promote the so-called “vacuum halogen bulb”. Here remind consumers not to be deceived by these tricks.


Dingju Electronic Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of led car light, have an elite team in LED light circle, own more than 10 years' experience in led car light, all of our led lights are with 1 year guarantee.


Because of the needs of development, we opened an office in Guangzhou. The 109th Fair in Guangzhou in 2011 is coming soon, and we are one of the exhibitors for LED car lights in the activities.


If you want to know more about our led car light, welcome to our Guangzhou office. There are our professionals who can give you the best service.


Address: No. 245,Yongfu International 2F ,South Yongfu Road, Guangzhou city.

Telephone No.:020-85173260

FAX: 020-85173260

Generally, car led tail light is make up of car led brake light, car led reverse light and car led turning light.


T25 1157 high power led brake light is designed by Aluminum cover, good for heat dissipation (with two type design), which can replace the original 21W incandescent lamp.

Specifications:led car brake light

1: Type: T25

2: Socket: BAY15D (1157 with single contact) 

3: LED quantity: 3pcs

4: LED Specification: 3W high power

5: Color: all the color are available

6: Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC 


T10 B9 back up auto bulb uses 3528 smd –1chip can cool well which is environment protecting, energy saving and eye-sight protecting. This SMD back up light designed according to our European clients requirement.led auto back up light


1: Type: T10

2: Socket: BA9S

3: LED quantity: 16 LEDS

4: LED Specification: 3528 SMD

5: Color: red, yellow, green, blue, white, amber, all colors are available

6: Voltage working range: 12VDC / 24VDC7


T20 3156 LED car turning light uses the PC material socket of High Temperature Resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance.led car turning light


1: Model: T20

2: Socket: 3156 (led car turning light)

3: LED quantity: 3leds

4: LED Specification: 8.4mm (2chips high power)

5: Color: Red, yellow, green ,blue, white, amber and so on ,all are available

6: Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC

This three kinds of LED auto lights introduce to you is hot selling, which will be the best combination for your car tail light! Have a try right now!

BMW tail light is made up of turning light, brake light and reverse light. Its emitting colors are yellow, red and white.

 Socket of turning halogen light (turn signal light) bulbs is P21W, bulb diameter is 26.5mm, length is 52.5mm, power is 21w. Socket of tail halogen light (brake signal light) is P21/5W, bulb diameter is 26.5mm, length is 52.5mm, power is 21/5w. Socket of reverse halogen light is W16W, that is W2.1*9.5d, bulb diameter is 15.2mm, length is 35.6mm, power is 16w.

 Since LED materials is no delay, energy saving, long life, low heat, high color purity and more advantages, LED auto bulb has been the necessary alternative. LED tail lights are also widely used in various automotive brands such as Audi, Mercedes, Toyota and other models, and become a new selling point for vehicles.

 Then what are the specific models, specifications and parameters? What should you pay attention to when you select car LED tail lights

 According to the common sense of car lights, we know that LED light can be used instead of halogen bulbs which must be interchangeable in the base. The correspondence between halogen bulbs and LED auto lights is as follows: P21W=BA15S, P21/5W=BAY15D, W16W=W2. Therefore, the models of LED turning light, LED brake light, LED reverse light are T25BA15S, T25BAT15D, T15W2 for the BMW LED tail light. The related light power depends on the LED quantity, structure and other specific calculations.

Our company owns kinds of LED tail lights suitable for BMW, if your are interested in LED lights, please visit


This kind of led car bulb is new product. Recommend it to you.

1:Type: T25 1156 led car bulb

2:Socket: BA15S (1156 with single contact)  

3:LED quantity: 16 SMD

4:LED Specification: 5050 SMD (3 chips)

5:Color: all the color are available ( White and Blue are very popular)

6:Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC  

Also the same type has different LED quantity,see it as follows:

1:Type: T25 5050 SMD turning bulb

2:Socket: BA15S (1156 with single contact)  

3:LED quantity: 21 SMD

4:LED Specification: 5050 3chip SMD

5:Color: all the color are available ( White and Blue are very popular )

6:Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC  

This product innovations in the original structure, the light source viewing angle is the angle of automobile lamp reflector cup as improve the overall luminaire efficiency,5050 3chip smd can be cool well

More detailed information please visit


I like the LED brake light very much at the first sight for its special appearance. Believe that your will also like it. Parameters about this led brake light for your reference as follows:

1:Model: T25

2:Socket: BAY15D ( 1157 car bulb )

3:LED quantity: 30 led

4:LED Specification: 5mm

5:Color: All the color are available including White,Warm White and Cold White

6:Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC

Single LED Parameter:

1.continuous Forward Current: MAX 20 mA

2.peak Forward Current(1/10 Duty Cycle 0.1ms Pulse Width) 100mA

3.everse Voltage: 5V

4.Storage Temperature Range/Humidity Range:-40to+100

5.Storage Temperature Range: -30+85

The socket of BAY15D 30 LED car brake light is made up of copper material with oxidation treatment on surface. 

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