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created on 05/22/2007  |
Since starting back to work, I haven't had time to spend on puter, & now full time. Also, have been doing Volunteer work. I'm not complainning, just wanted to explain lack of responce from me. You all are cool, & live from all over! Part time coming back soon, hope to get in touch! Till then, we wish you all a ****Very Merry Christmas**** Butch & Cindy
My Ol lady needs votes on her video at brickfish ..check it out under my stash
Took this part time job to buy Harley part's & such, kicking my Butt, but I love it. Great people, can't quit now! Hope I get use to it soon, cause I miss all of you. Have a Great Day you all, Butch


Started part time job Wed., 4 year's retired. Job letting me know how old I am! Wont have as much time to spend with you fine folks, will miss that. Butch
There are a lot of cool people here, only trouble is keeping up with all of them. I say I'm not a people-person, but that's not true. Nice to meet all of you, near & far. It's the member's that make this site work, Cherry Tap is just the road there! Thank's, Butch
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