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@ fubar this guy add requests me, then goes in and leaves comments on my pictures like "EWWWWW" and "Tis the season to be FAT". WTF? watch out for this dude.

@ fubar This guys a joke. Heres our conversation... *ShebledGlitter sends chill pill that says*: Comments like these "can anyone say... psycho?" are unappreciated. Thanks for the friendship, but I preffer people less judgemental and more accepting. *Joke says*: Sorry... Don't put gross picture up, Besides we never had a friendship. It was just points... *SheBledGlitter says*: Gross is all just perspective, what is gross to you, is art to me. Respecting peoples differences was something I was taught adults did. And if you don't want friends, dont send friend requests, simple. *Joke says*: OK... Stop bothering me now. I really don't care. BTW Yes it is just points,that's the whole idea for this supid website. *SheBledGlitter says*: Lol, people like you, make me laugh, if you didnt care, you wouldnt have responded. *Joke says*: ya, well I have nothing better to do... *Joke sends a Icecream Sunday that says*: Here, have another. [cuz obviously Im fat and had some to begin with?] I contemplated asking why he didnt find a less "stupid site" to play on if he had such little of a life, buuuuuut, I dont care:) so I didnt. He can suck on Donkey balls for all I care! Figured Id however let the world know about his douchbaggery incase you wanted to spare yourself, or block him or whatnot. He didnt even rate anything, just left shitty comments about things.
So some lame ass is creating accounts, rating my profile a 1 and then deleting their account. It happend so many times multiple times this weekend Get a life loser, IDGAF if you rate me a 1, and the fact that you have NO LIFE makes me laugh hardily at you. the fact your rating a 1 and then deleting your account lets me know your chickenshit as well cuz you cant even show your face. hahaha. people with no lifes other then online drama are funny.
Rememebr to read backwards, bottom to top. AND THEN BLOCKED! [hence me not loosing because im not going to sit and play his games, of course after i did a little for the fun of it:)] ->EdwardFinc...: I wouldnt lose, because i dont play games with people who arent worth my time. go find someoen else to have phone sex with, cuz i dont do things like that. I can get real sex, kinky mindblowing sex, from my boyfrined sleeping int he other room. hell i could go in there and get it RIGHT NOW if i wanted. so go find someone else to jack off to. EdwardFinc...: lets not get into a battle of whits, u'd surely loose... In the meantime, i suggest u call me, we obviously need to have make up phone sex ->EdwardFinc...: you are sadly mistaken. you obvisouly have some issues to think someone who youve NEVER spoken to before would want to talk to you on the phone, or at all, when youve got such a pompus attitude. If you had any brains youd atleast read peoples profiles, mine specificlly states in a blog that i dont want to talk to you, nor any other insecure twit who finds the need to throw "insults" like trailor trash, to someone who probably has more property value then you do. EdwardFinc...: i have a big life, u are simply my release tonight ->EdwardFinc...: LOL get a life offline EdwardFinc...: please snap out of LA La Land, U are talking to a man whose years beyond u in development... U should cheerish this opportunity instead of speaking like trailer trash... R U kidding me darling ->EdwardFinc...: and i expecially woudlnt call someone thats not even on my friends list EdwardFinc...: are u kidding me Ms.Va ->EdwardFinc...: well i dont call people i just met, and i dont call people ive met on fubar either. Im online, to talk to people online. I have real life friends for things in real life like phone calls and hanging out EdwardFinc...: darling, there are two kinds of people in life. Those that do, and those that Dont... time to take a calculated risk and call mr.Nyc ->EdwardFinc...: that sucks, i dont call strangers, sorry EdwardFinc...: well, call me, im having the same issue... ->EdwardFinc...: not very well acctually, woke up and cant go back to sleep. how are you EdwardFinc...: hi darling, u doing well Ms.night owl this is his profile link to anyone whod like to give him a peice of their mind, downrate, block, etc him. He obviously has no respect for anyone. EdwardFinchjr

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