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Zaphara Cirin Vendt's blog: "Story"

created on 01/09/2012  |  http://fubar.com/story/b345825

My name is Zaphara. I am a scientist. I wasn't always a scientist, at first it started out as a fascination, that led me down the collegiate path to become one. I loved all sciences. But, mostly I was fascinated by the world around me. The very planet that became my home for 34 years. I loved to study the skies and what inhabited it. I loved to study the oceans and what creatures lurked on the their floors, hidden by darkness of everything living there. I loved to study the land, from its grassy prairies to its monstrous mountains. As a child I often found myself daydreaming of what it would be like to walk gracefully and effortlessly atop the mountain peaks. I wanted to know what there was to everything in our world and other worlds, galaxies that resided in our universe. I wanted to study philosophy and explore the depths of the human mind, the human soul, the very thing we were living for, the meaning to life, to my life, something that couldn't be found in the written pages of a text book, but through science and adventure. I wanted to know the universe and its creator. I had a creative mind, one that took in all my textbook learning and apply it to the life that surrounded me. I wanted to prove Darwin's Theory of Evolution, The Big Bang and know exactly what Dark Matter was made up of and be the first to capture Dark Energy and see if it is in fact expanding the universe or if it is destroying everything within its path. I wanted to be the first to travel through a blackhole and record every moment of it. I wanted to be the one who proved ghosts and angels were real. I wanted to use myself as an example to prove if there was another life after we left our physical bodies and to come back and say that I met the divine creator. I wanted to unlock His secrets and get an in depth look of what it was He knew, how He came to be and if He was an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving and all-good heavenly spirit, that put forth man on the Earth, that led to the death of his own divine son, not his graven image, but his exact image. If I couldn't prove that, then I couldn't very well prove the existence of the science I was studying. I wanted so much to be the first person to prove every theory was fact and have solid evidence to prove that either science exists due to the insurmountable evidence or to prove there is a divine creator, one that we call God, because I had divine enlightenment which caused me to come form to form with my creator. If, there was one.


Once I had graduated with my Bachelor's, I moved on to my masters degree. I took quite a few years off to study abroad and put my whole life into my work. I was on a journey to find answers to the half-truths. Perhaps, I was in way over my head trying to prove the impossible. But, some force, either by science or by the divine, this was my experiment to lay out all the answers before me and those who shared life with me. I wanted to study the cycle that had been going on for billions and billions of years as life forms soon took over the land, the skies and the seas.


I started my journey in the mountains of Washington. I had visited Seattle many times in my life, mostly, with my parents during our mid-summer vacations. My father used to call Mt. Rainer "The Sleeping Beauty" for the obvious reasons, but, it was because of that Sleeping Beauty, why I started at that point. I often wondered as a child and sometimes wonder in my adult life if Mt. Rainer was made to watch over the entire state of Washington, because it was so enormous. I one wrote about what I thought was the history of the beautiful mountain range. I also thought of it as God-like, in a sense that it was so magnificent in its beauty and its size that it was so serene but could just as easily be awaken and cause a chain reaction in natural destructive phenomena around the world. I often thought that Mt. Rainer, was God-like in the manner that it is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.


As night drew nearer and I saw the last few remnants of the sun slipping below the horizon, I saw a glorious shooting star and made a wish and settled in as I watched the stars appear in the sky above me. I can't understand why there are so many people in this world who want to put a price on everything, because this creator gave us everything to survive, when you have everything, you need nothing at all. Life is just a simple as it was to our creator. What I do understand is, my life is overflowing with the complexities of everything set before me and look to the physical beauty to tell its story to me of what was, what is and what is to come. I need no other human being to appreciate me because I am far too busy appreciating all life forms that surround me. There are some who stop to smell the roses and some who ignore its fragrance, but, there are very few of us that go beyond the scent of a rose to the view from a mountain.


It is the human mind that makes us want to see what everyone wants us to see, but it is the soul of the divine that gives us the ability to see what it is really meant to be. For we are not the divine, but part of the divine.


I laid on a sleeping bag under the nights sky till the stars illuminated and took to their places as the reign of the moon guided lunar moths and the tides of the seas. My eyes became heavy and I quickly drifted off to sleep and a profoundly powerful story entered the depths of my mind so vividly, I could've sworn it was happening for real.

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