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Emanon Eranatos's blog: "RANDOM STUFF!!"

created on 10/18/2006  |  http://fubar.com/random-stuff/b15189  |  2 followers

Okay I recently got this message from a friend who is both on here and myspace,
“Hey Emanon,

How are you today?
Thanks for adding me to your myspace, I see you have that animated saluted on myspace, and on your other myspace you showed me the salute for that, so if you did two salutes why not do another for fu and show the fu people that you are in fact real

Bites & Hugs

Well that is true, I have done six saluted for all six of my myspace accounts because on myspace it is not mandatory on there and doing one changes nothing, now before any of you say its not mandatory on fu, in a way it is as not having one limits the things that can be done on here such as reaching a certain level you must have a salute, not having one limits going to peoples pages and such, so I shall never do one on here, I see no need to prove myself to people in which I shall never meet, I only did em on myspace cause I wanted to, and have made several for a certain person on here and such just for fun, though doubt I will ever do one for this account so … yea..

Okay now for the point of this blog… I am bored, so I wanna redo my page I have a ton of stuff on there so wanna add more... any ideas?...

*... yup I know no one reads pages any more... but ... what ever..*

Link some of my writing from the page…

Another idea was add some more pics to my page…

Will attempt to delete 500 people.. but I talk to way to many people

>If ya have that no salute block on your page, pictures, mumms, blogs, what ever please just copy and paste the following link and remove me and save me the trouble...

*know that fubar limits the writing on my page so will try to put any ideas”

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