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Cebu Pacific FAs dancing
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NJExoticDiva77 ...Oct 3, 2010-- 10 of 10That's effin Awesome!
Those safety demos in the beginning of the flights are usually SOOOOOOOOOO boring!!!
This is a great attention keeper - and the attendants were all in sync - great video find!
Wish all the flights I been on woulda had something so interesting... I wanna go on that plane next!!
TuereOct 3, 2010-- 9 of 10cool
ShadowLove rl w...Oct 3, 2010-- 8 of 10that's one way to keep people paying attention to the safety on a flight lol
Gordon McclureOct 2, 2010-- 6 of 10good stuff
RaverwermOct 2, 2010-- 5 of 10Lmao It keeps your attention beats boredom too haha
Bosco MartinOct 2, 2010-- 4 of 10I like this.
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