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Ok so I'm sitting here this morning and I hear as usual Noggin in the background which Kamron is sitting intently watching. Those of you w/kids know what this is, Oswald was on and if you've watched this as often or heard it as often as me you may have seen the episode where Oswald, Henry and Daisy are going to have hot cocoa at Oswalds house. Well apparently Henry has to have 3 marshmellows in his cocoa and Oswalds dog Wienie ate one of the marshmellows and he had no more so Henry HAS to have 3 marshmellows "no more, no less". So Oswald as the great friend that he is he goes all the way across town to the store to get ONE more marshmellow. Now mind you he is an octopus and walks everywhere, so he walks to the store being stopped by ducks going across the street and it starts to rain and becomes windy and his umbrella gets turned inside out. He finally gets back to the house with the ONE marshmellow for Henry and they ask what took you so long? And when Oswald gives him the ONE marshmellow that he went across town to get Henry says oh well I drank it w/the two marshmellows I like it just fine w/two marshmellows "no more, no less". So I'm thinking this jackass just made you go across town for ONE marshmellow cuz you had to have three in your hot cocoa and not only did you drink the shit before he got back but he had to go across town and didn't get to drink his shit and it's probably cold cocoa by now. I woulda hit the jackass muthatrucker. All Oswald does is gives the marshmellow to the dog, WTF. All I have to say is that in all these Oswald shows Henry seems to be a major jackass and I wouldn't want him as my fucking friend.
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