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GTRplayerzRok69Oct 15, 2011-- 14 of 14dearest sYd,
u have said in ur writings get 2 know the real me....well her goes!
i lament for u...u seem so sad so hurt inside (on the vid)....i may be wrong...but not many times have i been!! sometimes love... what holds u 2gether and what tears u apart....are the same things...i remember u were the first tru fubar friend i had...so u r special 2 me!!

i feel in my heart...i understand in my soul we share a pain so deep so out of control....i cry i bleed i promise never 2 forget! i wish to b hand in hand...heart to heart...soul to soul with my dear friend...give u a hug do our nails...and just talk....
amg18Aug 28, 2011-- 12 of 14cool video if you want lets chat some time ok
Santa DolleyJul 30, 2011-- 10 of 14you look and sound real, take good care of your son dear
hillsidechrisJul 29, 2011-- 9 of 14Thats a goodway to see how pretty you are
AFCaptRet15Jul 28, 2011-- 8 of 14you are so beautiful.
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