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It has come to my attention there are a few new recruits for the Rollerskating Diva Queens....

I therefore ask all old members to not only remind me who you are but what position you play (dementia!)

Also if you do not see your picture in the Rollerskating Diva folder hit up CERRI she has gladly provided these pictures and thank you sugar for all y our help.. She is also a jammer so you might want to watch the flying elbows... she might not have tits but man that girl is slick....

So girls and boys snap on your sweat bands pull up your legwarmers and lace up your roller skates... cause Derby season is among us

*flicks on Olivia Newton John's song physical (thank you Cubby new recruit) and starts warming up*

Also to make sure I have all names and correct positions please add Rollerskating Diva Queen or Roller Skating Hunks to your name ...

*Whizzes around on her new roller skates... jumps into the air and lands perfect*



Positions are as follows

Dee V Ant: Leader of insane bunch of people

Naughty Beligerent: BLOCKER!!!!!!!!

ALice Wreckher: Blocker

Pixie: Jammer

CERRI: Jammer

SPiker425: Zamboni Driver

Name Crisis: Jammer

Rumble Kitty: Pivot

Beat s Me: BLocker

Abby Calamity: Pivot

Witty: Blocker

DeathPoet: Male Fluffer

Bludgeon: CLoset Dweller

Hip Check: FINE BLOCKER!!!!

Roxy Hard Knocks: Jammer

Faye Tality: (to bad your in) pivot!

Egnima: Jammer

Aggro Kamikaze: Jammer

Lady Isa Tramp: Pivot

Back Alley Troublemaker: BLocker

HighSpeed: Jammer


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