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created on 02/18/2008  |
Music is my passion in life, I cannot live without it. Depending on what mood I am in, it goes from very mean and angry to very thought provoking and sentimental. Today I was feeling sentimental. Listened to -itis. And this song over and over again. With someone on my mind. when everything crumbles when everything falls when everyone stumbles and tears at your walls when every day seems like the next one is too far away when every day's sorrow when every day's pain when every tomorrow brings nothing but rain when every day seems like you’re lost, you can't find your way just call me and I'll be there if all of your worries if all of your fears if all off your hurries bring nothing but tears if every step forward takes you farther back than before if no one's around you if no one can stand if no one steps forward and holds out their hand if anytime you think it's over, you can't take no more just call me and I'll be there if everyone's left and when everything's gone if no one's behind you to carry you on when everything hurts so much you wish it all would just end when everything's problems if it's all your fault when everything's open I'll cover it all if you feel you're here all alone, I'm always your friend just call me and I'll be there
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