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Well, I have been on vacation this week but been very busy. I know it shows I am here..and at times I am , but other times.. I been doing things around the house. Sorry if that hurts someones feelings, thinking I am ignoring them. Yesterday was my boys 10th birthday and my 14th anniversary. Had fun with the boy..giving him his gifts.. but Wasn't the best anniversary I have ever had. Actually the whole week has sucked between the marriage dept. I know I do not talk much of my hubby, alot of it has to do with fact last couple years have been alot of stress between us. I do love him, but I wonder at times if thats enough. I keep trying.. but feel like I am losing a battle. I know he loves me to..but theres just some issues between us..on both parts. That is why I come on here alot of times.. to get away from reality. Anyways.. today, My yardsale is suppose to start. Thats not going well..because all its doing is spritzing dew/ and getting all my stuff wet. Do you ever just have those days..or weeks..where you feel like nothing is going your way? That is how I am feeling right now. Has gotten me down big time. Well that is what is going on with me..sorry I have been a drag.
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